Come to Bauhaus! What the school of free-thinking teaches us today

Bauhaus was a German art school that had a great influence on architecture and design all over the world. Currently, the Tokyo Station Gallery is holding an exhibition to celebrate the 100th anniversary since the foundation of Bauhaus. Don’t miss the super rare exhibits!

The Tokyo Station Gallery is located right outside the JR Tokyo Station Marunouchi North Exit (inside the station building).
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Kommt ans Bauhaus! – Come to Bauhaus!

At Bauhaus, leading artists such as Vasily Kandinsky and Paul Klee worked as teachers to teach students to become the next generation of artists and designers.

Bauhaus classes were unique. There was no fixed curriculum, and the teaching was left to the professors. Because of that, it could happen that what you had heard at Professor A’s class was the exact opposite of a theory taught by Professor B. In short, the lessons were pure basic knowledge. You could do whatever you wanted with that. And that is part of the idea: Bauhaus encouraged students to think freely.

At this Bauhaus exhibition, you get the opportunity to see sketches and studies made by students 100 years ago. Experience (or imagine) how it must have been to study at Bauhaus!

Depending on how you cut, a piece of paper can take on various shapes. This is a study made by students.
During the era when Bauhaus was born, the need for products that could be mass-produced increased drastically.
The exhibition shows how a prototype of a chair can gradually be changed to be able to be mass-produced. These chairs are all masterpieces of Bauhaus.


Bauhaus and Japan

One of the highlights of this exhibition is the display of works and designs made by four Japanese students who actually studied at Bauhaus. This is the first time an exhibition shows the works of all four in one place.

This room shows the works of the Japanese students who studied at Bauhaus lessons. Learn about their life and works.

As for me, I’ve always had the feeling that the motto “form follows function” that Bauhaus inherited from architecture has something in common with the sophisticated aesthetics you find in Japanese design. Bauhaus must have influenced Japan in some way or the other, just as Japanese design has greatly influenced the world.

“How did they have an influence?”, you ask? Well, “come to Bauhaus”, visit this exhibition and open your mind to free-thinking just as Bauhaus would have wanted you to!

The Museum Shop sells original T-shirts for the exhibition in collaboration with a popular Japanese T-shirt brand.

100th Anniversary of the Founding of Bauhaus: Come to Bauhaus! –the basis of education in art and design-
Exhibition Period: Friday, July 17 – Sunday, September 6, 2020

*Please buy your tickets through “Lawson Ticket” in advance (at all Lawson convenience stores)
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Place: Tokyo Station Gallery (1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
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Nearest station: Tokyo Station, Otemachi Station, Nijubashimae Station