Kanda Matsuri Festival: Three Exciting Days with the People from Kamakura-cho

The Kanda Matsuri Festival takes place every two years at the Kanda Myojin Shrine near Akihabara. Last week, I already introduced you to the highlights and must-sees of Kanda Matsuri Festival.

This time around, I will introduce you to the people of Kamakura-cho, who we were allowed to follow along during Kanda Matsuri Festival. Why do the people of Kamakura-cho get so excited during the festival?

A Mikoshi parade at night

Were the people of Kamakura-cho, all united as one team, successful in during the festival’s Mikoshi-Miyairi procession?

Please enjoy watching this video, following the people of Kamakura-cho along for the exciting Kanda Matsuri Festival, and experience this tradition, born during the Edo period, which has helped strengthening the bonds between the people of the area.

The people of Kamakura-cho at Kanda in Tokyo

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