DELICIOUS TOKYO: Try a traditional Japanese meal in an amazing atmosphere! “Chicken Sukiyaki”

Sukiyaki is a Japanese specialty. It usually consists of beef which is slowly cooked in a sweet sauce, but at the restaurant “Botan” in Kanda, sukiyaki is made using chicken. Opened in 1897, the restaurant specializes in tori (chicken) sukiyaki. The tori sukiyaki at Botan is a very special dish, you have to try! Watch our video and go on a culinary journey with us!

Tori Sukiyaki is a gourmet dish that is perfect for winter. Chicken and vegetables are rich in vitamins and the pleasant warmth of the bincho charcoal oven is a good combination!

Sukiyaki Restaurant “Botan”

1-15 Kanda-Sudacho, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3251-0577
Business Hours: 11:30 – 20:00 (last entry)
Holidays: Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
Nearest Station: Awajicho Station, Ogawamachi Station, Kanda Station, Akihabara Station, Ochanomizu Station

Important: The restaurant is currently closed until November 4, 2020