Tokyo’s Kanda area is a curry paradise! Join the “Kanda Curry Stamp Rally 2022”!

With over 400 cutty restaurants, the Kanda area in Tokyo is one of Japan’s leading curry towns. The gourmet event “Kanda Curry Stamp Rally” which takes place every fall/winter has started!

Joining is easy! If you eat curry at more than 25 restaurants and visit 2 out of 10 stations with “stamp points” by December 15th, you will be awarded the title of “Kanda Curry Meister”! Also, this year, the event is collaborating with the Chiyoda Ward Tourism Association’s tourism ambassador Rilakkuma. Every new “Curry Meister” receives the 2023 limited Rilakkuma edition of the “Curry Meister Card”.

This is the official guidebook (2022 version). Distribution locations include participating curry restaurants, Chiyoda Ward Tourist Information Centers, and many train stations.

A new year is a new chance to join the stamp rally!

This year, the first curry restaurant we visited was “Akihabara Caligari”, one of the 125 participating restaurants. “Akihabara Caligari” is an award-winning restaurant that got first place in the gourmet rating event “Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2019”.

“Akihabara Caligari”

The restaurant offers multiple curry varieties such as coconut chicken curry, spicy Indian curry, “Japanese curry”, and soup curry. In addition, the menu features a wide variety of toppings! Marinated fried chicken (Tatsuta-Age), rouleau rice, mapo tofu, fried horse mackerel, fried potatoes, fried eggplant, and many other unexpected combinations!

There are so many wonderful curry options!
Left: “Akiba Mori Curry 2” topped with potato salad, boiled egg, and rouleau rice;
Right: “Akiba Mori Curry 1” with two types of curry and all of the popular toppings!

All of the curries at “Akihabara Caligari” are exeptional! To get the most out of your visit, we recommend ordering a menu that allows you to compare two types of curry and has a lot of toppings. Personally, I (Marei) loved the creamy coconut curry and thick chicken Tatsuta-Age. Super delicious!

Left: “Caligari Bread Curry” is not only available for eating at the restaurant, but you can also buy frozen buns for taking home.
Right: Reporter Marei looking very satisfied.

At the time of payment, you receive the restaurant’s stamp for the official guidebook or a digital stamp for the smartphone version of the stamp sheet.

Right: Smartphone stamp sheet
Middle: The official guidebook has a convenient size to carry around.
Right: Stamp sheet inside the guidebook

How to participate in the stamp rally

Interested in becoming “Kanda Curry Meister” this year? This is how to participate:

(1) Visit participating curry restaurants and collect stamps. There are 5 courses from A to E. One course consists of 25 restaurants + 1 JR station stamp point + 1 Tokyo Metro station stamp point. The level of the “Curry Meister” you become gets higher and higher according to the number of courses you have successfully completed.
(2) You are a free spirit? No problem, try the “Free course”! You don’t need to visit the restaurants of the courses above. Just visit your favorite (participating) curry restaurants instead. If you collect stamps from 30 or more restaurants, you become a Kanda Curry Meister.
(3) Collect stamps of 10 curry restaurants out of the 125 participating restaurants (regardless of the course).
If you do so, you can get a “Buddy Card” with Rilakkuma design at the Chiyoda Ward Tourist Information Center as the “Kanda Curry Buddy Award”. Even if you don’t become a curry meister, you can become a “curry buddy” instead!

Stamp points at stations

The stamp point at JR Akihabara Station has the event’s official flag installed next to the table, so it was easy to spot!

“Kanda Curry Stamp Rally” is a big attraction because you can discover delicious curry restaurants all over Tokyo! So why don’t you take the chance, go on a “tasty trip” and become a Curry Meister?

Event Information:

Kanda Curry Stamp Rally 2022

Official website:
Period: August 1, 2022 (Monday) to December 15, 2022 (Thursday)
*Please check the official website for more information and the locations where you can get the official guidebook.

Akihabara Caligari
3-6-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest stations: Suehirocho Station, Akihabara Station