Relaxing with magical creatures: Visiting an owl cafe in Akihabara

Japan is known worldwide for its various animal and pet cafes that are rarely seen in other countries. This time, we visited a famous animal cafe in Akihabara that is rare even in its own genre. An owl cafe! Before our visit, we were nervous about meeting the owls, but then our visit became a magical healing experience!

Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou Tokyo
Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou Tokyo

‘Akiba Fukurou’ is a 3-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station. When visiting the cafe you have to make a reservation (same-day reservations are also possible). Every hour, a new group of people is led in. There are seatings in front of the shop, where you can wait until it’s your turn. Also, you will get a thick booklet to read.

Owl cafe introduction booklet
There is a Japanese and an English version of the booklet!

Turning the first page of the booklet, we found a surprising message saying: “This is the last chance to do your makeup!” Later we found out that the cafe owner is a former wedding photographer who will take your picture together with an owl – for free!

The booklet contains a lot of fascinating information. How to interact with owls, how the cafe was established, a general owl Q&A, and detailed information on every owl in the cafe.

The ultimate owl experience!

‘Akiba Fukurou’ is run by a married couple who both love owls. Originally, they kept owls as pets at home, but to spend more time with the owls and provide them a place with perfect “owl conditions”, they decided to open an owl cafe in a quiet corner of Akihabara. Since owls don’t like noise, this silent space is very comfortable for them.

Immediately after entering the cafe, you will get an introduction from the owners.

Inside the cafe, the beautiful owls are everywhere! Everyone at the cafe is only whispering making it a very quiet place. It is prohibited to make loud noises, use your camera flash, or move suddenly.

There are 35 owls inside the cafe.
Owls only stand on one leg when they feel safe and relaxed. This owl is chilling!
Are you sleepy, little owl? Watching the owls is VERY relaxing. It will calm you down and might make you sleepy, too.

You may walk around freely inside the cafe to watch the different owls and take pictures. By the way, although the owl cafe is called “cafe”, no drinks or meals are served. It is the ultimate relaxation space with quiet classical music playing where owls come first!

Meet the owls!

Our reporter Marei seems more nervous than the owl!

The highlight of the owl experience at the cafe is having an owl sit on your arm or shoulder.

A small booklet containing information about your owl.
How to choose an owl? You may choose your owl by looks or personality, but since the owls’ names are just too creative and funny, why don’t you choose by name?

During your owl experience, the shop owner – a former photographer – will take pictures of you and the owl with a professional camera. The photo will be gifted to you as a souvenir.

Visiting the owl cafe made us realize that owls with their beautiful eyes and long eyelashes are truly magical creatures. They don’t do a lot – but that seems to be just about enough because they do have a superb healing effect!

The cafe also sells cute owl items!

Also, we find it worth mentioning that the owls are held in a good environment and are very well cared for. So you can enjoy interacting with the owls with peace of mind. Akiba Fukurou is a big recommendation!

Owl Cafe Tokyo – Akiba Fukurou (Japanese) (English) (Chinese) (YouTube)

67 Kanda Neribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Nearest stations: Akihabara Station, Suehirocho Station


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