TOKYO STROLL: Picnic lunch at Kitanomaru Garden

Nothing is as wonderful as having a lunch picnic at the park on a warm, sunny day. This time, I bought a lunch box at a very popular avocado restaurant in Jimbocho and had a picnic at Kitanomaru Garden. Enjoy our video!

Located in Jimbocho, Tokyo’s famous book town, “avocafe” is a restaurant specializing in avocado meals. They use plenty of avocados not only for their food menu but also for their drinks and sweets. I ordered a takeaway and headed to Kitanomaru Garden!

Jimbocho area: This is the entrance of the shopping street

From the restaurant, it is a 15 minutes walk to Kitanomaru Garden. One of the entrances to the park – Shimizu-mon Gate – belonged to the former Edo Castle and has a charming atmosphere that feels like the set of historical Japanese movies. The large park has lots of picnic tables and benches, so you don’t have to bring anything – very convenient!

Relaxing with a fruit and avocado smoothie! Remember to take your trash home. There are no trashcans!

Enjoy lunch in the greenery, take a walk while listening to the chirping of birds, and have a great day outside!

avocafe Jimbocho Main Store
Wealth Building 3F, 1-2-9 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest station: Jimbocho Station, Ochanomizu Station

Kitanomaru Garden
1-1 Kitanomaru-Koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Location of the Edo Castle Shimizu-mon Gate:
Nearest stations: Kudanshita Station, Takebashi Station