Hanami 2021: Tips and places for safe cherry blossom viewing

Just like every year, the beautiful cherry blossom season is coming again. But sadly, this year isn’t like every year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, having a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) picnic while eating and drinking isn’t really possible. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce a different style of hanami, so you can still enjoy the arrival of spring as every year!

Watch the cherry blossoms at Chidori-ga-fuchi live at home!

Many people think of Chidori-ga-fuchi as one of Tokyo’s most popular cherry blossom viewing spots. The Chidori-ga-fuchi Green Way is a 700m-long (about 0.4 miles) promenade. Chidori-ga-fuchi is part of the moat around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The Green Way is lined with about 260 cherry trees such as Yoshino sakura cherry trees and Oshima sakura cherry trees. It’s like walking through a pink tunnel.

Furthermore, right after the cherry blossom peak when the sakura petals start scattering, they will land on the water surface of the moat. Just like a pink carpet! Since visiting places that tend to get crowded isn’t a good idea this year, why don’t you watch the beautiful spectacle online?

Chidori-ga-fuchi Green Way
Chidori-ga-fuchi Cherry Blossoms Livestream on YouTube:



Due to the spread of the coronavirus infection, Chiyoda City decided to cancel the annual “Chiyoda Sakura Festival”.
Official homepage: https://visit-chiyoda.tokyo/app/en/information/detail/114

Sotobori Park stroll with a small group of people

Sotobori Park is a pleasant promenade alongside the outer moat. It continues for about 2km, and in spring, this is a beautiful spot with many cherry trees. If you walk slowly, it will take you about an hour. To avoid the crowds at all the well-known hanami spots, how about taking a hanami walk instead? Enjoy the beautiful scenery in a small group of people and cherish this wonderful season!

Sotobori Park

4-2-15 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/WCs6SznsruKXqM246
Course: Yotsuya Station > Ichigaya > Iidabashi
(You can also start from Kioicho, next to Nagatacho Station!)

Cherry blossom viewing while sipping green tea

Every year, about 50 cherry trees (and 19 different types of sakura!) are blooming in the Japanese garden of Hotel New Otani Tokyo. The popular and lush Japanese garden has a history of over 400 years. Its size is about 33.000m² (about 355.800 ft²).

Outshining every feature of the garden by its pure presence, a big waterfall is gracefully flowing in the center. At night, the waterfall is even lit up. A dreamy sight, absolutely worth a second visit at night! Visiting the garden is free of charge. Why don’t you enjoy cherry blossom viewing from the hotel lounge?

Hotel New Otani Tokyo

4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/4Vwrb95i5gCL93oB9
Light-up time: The garden is lit up about 30 minutes before sunset to 24: 00
Nearest stations: Kojimachi Station, Akasaka-mitsuke Station, Nagatacho Station, Yotsuya Station

Cherry-blossom viewing at a museum? Spring festival at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT) is located close to the famous cherry blossom areas around the Imperial Palace, such as Chidori-ga-fuchi and Kitanomaru Park. This spring, the museum holds an event cherishing the once-a-year cherry blossom season.

The exhibition “MOMAT Collection” (March 23-May 16, 2021) shows masterpieces depicting flowers. Do not miss the works by famous Japanese painters – all together in one room of the venue. Compare their different expression methods and approaches when it comes to the topic “spring”.

Traditional benches for cherry blossom viewing will be set up in the museum’s courtyard as a resting area. From there, you can enjoy the view of real blooming sakura cherry trees after you saw their painted versions.
Besides, the museum shop offers original spring goods. How about some cute masking tape with a cherry blossoms motif, files with prints on them, and many other items.

Outline of the event

Title: Spring Festival in the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Holding period: March 23 (Tuesday) -April 11 (Sunday), 2021
Closed: Monday (but open on March 29)

National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT)

3-1 Kitanomaru Park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/vqzF8SpiaFhkVidY6
Nearest stations: Takebashi Station, Kudanshita Station, Jimbocho Station