3 reasons you should visit Akihabara’s famous maid cafe “at-home cafe”

Maid cafes and “concept cafes” have played a big part in Akihabara’s subculture scene for many years now and they are still evolving. With a total of over 200 cafes, it can be hard to choose one.
I visited the long-established maid cafe “at-home cafe”, a very popular maid cafe chain, welcoming a lot of “masters” and “princesses” visit every day!

① The maid’s dance show is amazing!

AKIBA BROADWAY is an entertainment show by maids presented by the maid cafe chain “at-home cafe”. Ten maids show their guests a magical time full of Japanese “kawaii-ness”!

Watching the show, I was overwhelmed by their enthusiastic dance and stage performances. Each maid’s personality shines through, and even if you don’t understand Japanese, you should be able to convey 120% of the members’ emotions just by watching them on stage. The captivating combination of original songs, dances, and costumes is wonderful. This is everything “kawaii” is about.

Also, all maids work in one of the at-home cafe branches! Therefore, you can go meet them at one of the “at-home cafes”.
The “Christmas” stage will start in November!

② Cafe, maid outfits, everything is “kawaii”!

In February this year, a new branch of “at-home cafe” opened on the 5th floor of “AKIBA Cultures Zone”. The floor is divided into two cafes, “L” and “R”, each with a slightly different concept (R and L stands for their position, left and right). The cafe’s size is said to be the largest in Japan!

You can purchase maid-related items at the store in the entrance lounge!

The interior of the store is so cute! The cafe is decorated in warm yellows, pinks, and reds, making you really feel at home. I visited the “L” cafe which has counter seatings and tables. The whole layout is designed so that you don’t have to worry about people watching each other. So don’t be shy!

The maid costume at “at-home cafe” is chocolate brown and milk white.

The perfection of the maid’s outfit is also amazing and visually pleasing! The costume is a collaboration with fashion designer Keita Maruyama, who shows his creations at the Paris Collection and Tokyo Collection. It’s a different dimension of “kawaii”!

③ A “magic spell” that makes the cafe menu even more delicious!?

Maid cafes are famous for their lattes and omelet rice, which the maids draw on with sauces or ketchup, and original drinks that they shake in front of you at the table. When they do this, they usually perform a “charm” or “magic spell”. It’s a custom unique to maid cafes!

Let’s do the “spell” together! “Moe moe kyun!”

It may be a little embarrassing for first-time visitors to join in the spell, but the cheerful maids make everything feel very natural and fun. Also, the food was delicious!

Whether you visit alone or with friends, the wonderful maids will “provide” you with a fun and happy time. If you are looking for a save and fun maid cafe, check out Akihabara’s maid cafe “at-home cafe”!

AKIBA Cultures Theater


at-home cafe AKIBA Cultures Zone

1-7-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Nearest stations: Akihabara Station, Suehirocho Station