Udon Noodle Making and Calligraphy Experience: Dive into Japanese Culture!

When you think of Japan, you likely imagine a world of rich culture and flavorful cuisine. If you’re looking for an engaging way to experience both, we’ve got the perfect activity for you! Dive into the world of Japanese culture with your friends and family and create unforgettable memories!

As the editor-in-chief I, Marei, had the pleasure of trying out the ultimate Japanese culture class at “Wakalture.” The class offers an opportunity to make udon noodles from scratch and experience the beauty of calligraphy all at once.

Wakana, the host of the class, has an impeccable fluency in English, thanks to her time spent in Australia and Canada. She loves nothing more than sharing her culture with participants from all over the world. During the class, you can easily understand everything without an interpreter.

First, we made the “zaru udon” using only flour, salt, and water. Wakana taught me how to mix and knead the dough until it was ready for the next step. Then, we placed the dough into a plastic bag and smoothed it out by stepping on it with our heels. The finished noodles were firm and delicious!

Wakana gentle way of teaching was very pleasant. All tips and tricks as well as our little chitchat were in fluent English, so there is no need for an interpreter!
The udon dough is placed in a plastic bag and gradually smoothed out while stepping on the heels.

While the udon dough was resting, Wakana showed me Japanese calligraphy. Wakana is a certified calligraphy professor and licensed calligrapher. She taught me about the different characters and alphabets used in Japan, including “kanji,” “hiragana,” and “katakana.” After making the ink using an ink stick and water, I practiced one kanji (Chinese character) over and over again. I had an example drawn by Wakana and got many tips from her how to improve. Finally, I wrote the kanji a beautiful piece of thick paper (“shikishi“) which you can display in your home.

The atmosphere at Wakalture is relaxed and welcoming, making for a fun and immersive experience. This is the perfect chance to learn about Japan’s rich culture while creating lasting memories. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, Wakalture is the place to be!
Make sure to check out their website to make reservations for cultural experiences. Don’t miss out on this unique culinary and cultural adventure!


Reservations for cultural experiences can be made through the website.
Official website: http://www.wakalture.com/ (English)
http://www.wakalture.com/日本語/ (Japanese)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wakalture/
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