Coffee Stroll from Jimbocho to Suidobashi: Must-visit hip cafes in Tokyo

Are you a coffee lover? Well, I am a huge coffee fan. One of my hobbies is walking around the streets of Tokyo and discovering new cafes. Let me introduce two stylish cafes that have opened in recent years and I found on a stroll from Jimbocho to Suidobashi!


Fashionable cafe with single-origin beans: GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS

Located just halfway between Jimbocho Station and Ogawamachi Station, GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS is a beautifully designed cafe offering delicious coffee and sweets.

Glitch Coffee's coffee cups
This emblem looks like a classic Japanese family emblem. But in fact, it’s an original design combining the initials G and C of the cafe’s name “Glitch Coffee”. The letters are surrounded by coffee tree beans and leaves.
Glitch Coffee's coffee cup
Another coffee cup design resembling something you would find in medieval Europe. So cute!

The motto of the shop is: “To serve a cup for your valuable time”.

The shop offers hand drip coffee and espresso.
The lineup of coffee beans. Each sort of coffee has an explanation attached. The description of the taste sounds delicious, saying things like “Apple Pie” and “Cinnamon”, etc.

When ordering coffee, you may choose your favorite coffee beans. All beans are single-origin, meaning that the beans are from only one area, not a blend of beans from different countries. The light roast beans belong to the group of specialty coffee, the pinnacle of coffee. Irresistible for coffee fans!

The cafe has an eat-in corner, but in our special situation now, I was grateful for the small benches and tables outside in front of the store.

I chose Ethiopian coffee beans for my caffe latte. The first sip left a slightly sour taste on my tongue, but the aftertaste was light and mellow. The flavorful coffee surprised me with several different aromas. It was great! I will definitely come back to GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS!

The moist banana bread and the nut scones were wonderful!

3-16 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest stations: Jimbocho Station, Ogawamachi Station, Shin-Ochanomizu Station, Ochanomizu Station

Tokyo’s only branch of a popular Fukuoka coffee chain: REC COFFEE


The roots of REC COFFEE is a coffee truck that the founders started in Fukuoka in 2008. Their thriving business developed quickly from mobile sales to real stores. Currently, the successful chain has grown to 7 cafes. But there is only one branch outside Fukuoka Prefecture: the Suidobashi cafe that opened in 2019.

With its big windows all around, the cafe has a very welcoming atmosphere and makes you want to enter.

The cafe is located on the first floor of a popular capsule hotel. Right next to the shop is a river. Enjoy the view of the river from the large window of the cafe.

With only two minutes walking distance from JR Suidobashi Station, the cafe is actually very convenient to access. It is located on the south side of the railroad track, opposite Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens and Tokyo Dome. That’s why this cafe a hidden gem!

REC COFFEE is popular for its home-roasted coffee. You can choose from many different flavors. Also, coffee drip packs are sold at the souvenir corner. You can buy drip coffee packs of all the coffee beans you would like to try, so you can enjoy all the different flavors from home or use them as a nice gift!

The shop’s most recommended coffee is “GEISHA BLEND”.

When you order coffee, you will receive a coffee “business card”.

The card has information on the coffee: the name and characteristics of the flavor.

When I studied the different coffee types on the menu, the words “peach” and “creamy” made me curious. Therefore I ordered – again – an Ethiopian caffe latte. The taste was in fact very fruity, not as sour as expected, but rather sweet even without adding extra sugar!

Grilled tuna, avocado and cheese sandwich

The coffee is really nice, but so is the sandwich and toast meal menu at the cafe. They’re the perfect match for their coffee. I also recommend the breakfast set REC COFFEE!

REC COFFEE Suidobashi Store
3-10-1, Misakicho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest stations: Suidobashi Station, Iidabashi Station, Kudanshita Station

So, which cafe do you prefer? Well, I recommend both!
Enjoy taking a stroll around Tokyo with a delicious cup of coffee!