Hungry for fall: Tasting delicious gyoza and Hong Kong-style dim sum!

Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo is famous for its many delicious curry restaurants, but of course, Chiyoda has much more to offer! Let us introduce some of Chiyoda’s hidden gems. This time, we introduce a long-established gyoza dumplings restaurant and a popular dim sum cafe where you can enjoy authentic Hong Kong cuisine!


Famous dumpling restaurant “Kanda Gyoza” using only the best ingredients

With a history of over 60 years, “Kanda Gyoza Main Store” is a well-known gyoza dumplings restaurant in the area. The restaurant offers 8 kinds of gyoza.

In addition to fried (and then steamed) gyoza, which is the mainstream in Japan, Chinese-style boiled dumplings are also on the menu.

The motto of “Kanda Gyoza Main Store” is to provide safe dumplings. Therefore, the restaurant is very particular about the ingredients.

Use the souces and oils provided on each table to create your favorite gyoza dipping sauce. As for me, I like Ponzu sauce!
These are the restaurant’s famous “kurobuta pork dumplings”. So big and super juicy!

Look at the size of the kurobuta gyoza compared to my hand!

The specialty kurobuta gyoza is crispy and fragrant with fresh highland cabbage, healthy kurobuta pork, garlic chives, and chewy wrappers.

Next, I ordered boiled dumplings in a soup. Such a gentle taste!
“Pari pari gyoza” (pari pari means crispy). These gyoza are wrapped with thin dough and then fried. They were crispy, but also had a satisfyingly chewy texture! These were my absolute favorite gyoza!
Dress for the occasion is my motto. so I decided to wear my “gyoza t-shirt” while tasting different dumplings.

As a self-proclaimed “Gyoza Meister”, I had three types of dumplings, which were all delightful. No wonder this restaurant has been a peoples’ favorite for over 60 years!

Kanda Gyoza Main Store (Tenko Gyoza Bo)
1-4 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest stations: Jimbocho Station, Ochanomizu Station


Feel like traveling abroad at a Hong Kong-style cafe! “Hong Kong Chanki Chachanten”

In one corner of Iidabashi, there is a cafe-restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Hong Kong cuisine. The restaurant has a lot of fans. It allows you to enjoy imagine traveling (oh, how much I miss it!) to Hong Kong.

In addition to the popular lunch menu, you can enjoy various types of Hong Kong-style rice dishes, fried rice, and rice noodles.

This is the dim sum menu. For beginners, having a lot of photos to choose from is really convenient.

But of course, I mainly ordered their famous dim sum.

“Vegetable dumplings” are transparent dumplings filled with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, etc. The balance of the vegetable mix is ​​exquisite and I liked these the most out of all. Such a pleasant aroma, too!
Fried xiao long bao dumplings with coriander
Sweet shòu táo bāo “peach buns”. These buns are served when celebrating a grandma’s or grandpa’s birthday to wish for a happy long life. The lotus-paste filling had a nice nutty taste.
Their “turnip cake” has a texture similar to that of German or Swiss potato pancakes. In Germany, it is made from chopped potatoes, but this dish is made from chopped radishes. So juicy! This dish is often eaten in Hong Kong and the Cantonese area during the New Year holidays.
Hong Kong-style bread and cake menu

When visiting “Hong Kong Chanki Chachanten,” be sure to order the egg tarts and pineapple bun (= bread baked with cookie dough on top of the bread dough). The egg tart had a slight egg scent and a pudding-like texture. Very nice!

The egg tarts are a specialty of this restaurant.

The cafe-restaurant’s drink menu comes with plenty of legit Hong Kong-style refreshments. Their Hong Kong-style milk tea is the perfect match for their egg tarts!

A part of the drink menu written in Chinese
Hong Kong Chanki Chachanten Iidabashi Store
3-4-1 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest station: Iidabashi Station