Join us for the annual Curry Event in Kanda, Tokyo!

Video Link: Watch the video here (Please note that this video was filmed in 2019).

The Curry Event in the Tokyo/Kanda area is currently underway! Tokyo boasts numerous curry restaurants, and Kanda is renowned as the holy land of curry in Japan, hosting over 400 curry restaurants within its boundaries. Presently, the “Curry Eating Stamp Rally” is taking place, offering participants the opportunity to earn the esteemed title of “Curry Meister.” On November 4 and 5, the highly anticipated “Kanda Curry Grand Prix” will be held to determine the champion curry restaurant!

Let’s participate in the “Curry Stamp Rally!”

Every year from August to December, the “Curry Stamp Rally” attracts curry enthusiasts to explore the diverse curry offerings in Kanda. Completing the designated rally course grants you the coveted title of “Kanda Curry Meister”! This year, 142 restaurants are participating, with each course comprising 30 to 31 restaurants. If you prefer the freedom to visit your favorite restaurants, you can become a Curry Meister by collecting stamps from 35 different restaurants. Achieving Curry Meister status not only earns you the honorable title but also grants you complimentary drinks and other benefits at curry restaurants! Even if you don’t attain the Meister status, you will receive a cute “Buddy Card” as the “Kanda Curry Buddy Award” after visiting 10 restaurants, so start collecting stamps now!

Left: Official guidebook with a list of all participating restaurants. Right: Stamp sheets distributed at participating stores.

I, Marei, the editor-in-chief, had the pleasure of becoming a Curry Meister in the past (you can watch our video for reference). The experience was so enjoyable that I’ve decided to participate in the stamp rally again this year! My first stop was Curry Restaurant Bambi in Jimbocho.

A stamp rally banner was displayed in front of the restaurant.

Bambi specializes in Pork Curry, featuring slow-simmered pork belly that is incredibly tender! The potatoes are boiled and then deep-fried to enhance their natural flavor. The menu also offers a variety of other dishes, including chicken curry and Japanese curry with pork cutlets, making it a challenge to choose just one!

Left Photo: “Celebrity Curry,” a pork curry topped with vegetables. Right Photo: The pork belly meat is remarkably substantial!
Left Photo: Curry with pork cutlet. Right Photo: You can change the flavor with coconut milk!

I was pleasantly surprised by the deep and unexpectedly spicy flavor of the curry sauce! When I poured coconut milk onto the curry, it transformed the taste, resembling a curry from Southeast Asia. What a brilliant idea – you can savor two different curry flavors simultaneously!

I successfully collected the stamp for the rally!

Why not join the stamp rally in Tokyo’s Kanda area and indulge in a spicy autumn day?

Curry Restaurant Bambiメーヤウ/?p=911
Address: 1F Kimura Bldg. 3-10-17 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:

Kanda Curry Stamp Rally 2023
Period: August 1 – December 20, 2023
Stamp sheet download:

Compare curries at the “Kanda Curry Grand Prix” event!

If you want to savor a wide variety of curries at once, don’t miss the “Kanda Curry Grand Prix” championship taking place on November 4 and 5, 2023, at “Chiyoda-ku Ogawa Hiroba Park”! Twenty restaurants will participate in this event, vying for the title of “No. 1 Kanda Curry Restaurant” based on fan votes. On the event day, delectable curry dishes will be available at affordable prices and in comparable serving sizes. Be sure not to miss out on one of the largest curry festivals in Tokyo!

Kanda Curry Grand Prix (Event)
Date: Saturday, November 4, 2023, 11:00-19:00
Sunday, November 5, 2023, 11:00-17:00
Location: “Chiyoda-ku Ogawa Hiroba Park,” 3-6 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: