Why COSPATIO is the place to go for cosplay costumes and anime-related products

In recent years, Tokyo’s famous electric town Akihabara has become a hub for Japanese anime and game culture. Cosplay (short for “costume play”) is also part popular of the new Akihabara. Here, you will also find COSPATIO, a shop specializing in high-quality cosplay costumes allowing anime fans to become their favorite characters. Let’s discover this fabulous fantasy world together!

The COSPATIO Akihabara Main Store is located in one corner of “GEE! STORE Akiba”, which opened its doors in December 2020 on the 4th floor of the electronics retail store “ONODEN”. The costume shop offers everything you might need for a perfect outfit: costumes of anime, game, and manga characters, wigs, and all kinds of other support items and accessories.

What makes COSPATIO so popular?

Cosplayers in Japan all agree: if you want to buy a quality costume that has been officially approved by the anime production companies, go to COSPATIO. Considering the comfort and ease of handling for the person wearing the costume, COSPATIO is very particular about high-quality fabrics, precise sewing, and details. Their biggest goal is to recreate the look of the original anime, manga, or game.

Look at these cute cosplay costumes! Luckily, their size range is rather wide.
COSPATIO’s costume line-up, sorted by anime.
The store offer costumes of popular anime and manga, such as “Kakegurui”, “Girls & Panzer” and “Cardcaptor Sakura”.

When designing new costumes, COSPATIO always tries to get as close to the texture of the clothes in the original show as they can. Their goal is to make their costumes match the worldview of the anime. This high reproducibility is the reason why many cosplayers yearn for COSPATIO costumes.

Since the anime “Kakegurui” is set at a high school for the rich, students wear high-class uniforms. Therefore, the blazer of this cosplay costume is made of high-quality thick fabric.
Even invisible parts of the costumes are designed to be as close to the original as possible.

The secret of COSPATIO’s popularity is the faithful reproduction of the original design, for example, including a frilled lining under a skirt, a sleeveless blouse, and other details of which you might only get a glimpse of in the original series.

A broad lineup of cosplay support products

In addition to costumes, COSPATIO also offers a wide range of cosplay support products. These items will help you to get a more accurate, beautiful result. The lineup includes items such as wigs, cosmetics, eyebrow colors, false eyelashes, colored contact lenses, ribbons, and socks used for school uniform costumes. You could buy those items on their own in different shops, but here you have everything in one place. Convenient, right?

Special colored chalk for partially dyeing a wig
Cosmetics for changing the eyebrow color to match the color of the wig
This beige innerwear used when wearing costumes for characters with a lot of exposed skin
Japanese-style goods for reproducing characters such as “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. There is even a traditional Japanese “kiseru” pipe!
Faux jewelry parts which you can use when making your own costume or accessories. These have been made by professionals who have specialized in making exclusively parts for costumes.

Get some high-quality cosplay costumes!

At COSPATIO, you can also order handmade cosplay costumes. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind costume, such as a minor character outfit, a costume with gorgeous accessories, or an outfit to wear at an event, consider ordering it here!

The wig displayed in the showcase is for reference. If you like how it’s made, you can ask the creator to make a wig for you. Just talk to the staff and they will assist you.
While there are many reference works, some creations can be purchased on the spot.

Cosplay for beginners: How to start

COSPATIO also offers party costumes that include all necessary accessories for Halloween and other events. If you are a cosplay beginner, why not start with COSPATIO’s “TranTrip” series?

These masks are called “soft dolly masks”. In recent years, they became more and more popular because they will transformed you into an anime character without having to do difficult makeup.

And there is even more…!

COSPATIO is only part of the large floor, and if you browse through GEE! STORE, you will find other brand shops produced by COSPATIO’s parent company, COSPA.

COSPA sells anime-related goods that are “easy to incorporate into everyday life”.
Lots of apparel!
Oh wow! I found goods of the popular German character MAUS (mouse)!

The shop “Little World” sells doll-related products.

Further, “NijigenCospa” is a shop selling apparel and cute items of mostly girl characters.

The most popular product is this “Tsumamare series”. The key holders have popular characters attached to them that look as if they were pinched. Since this series is an original product of “NijigenCospa”, you can only buy those here.

If you want to take a break, be sure to visit “Cure Maid Cafe” on the same floor. It is said, that this cafe is actually the roots of all “maid cafes”!

Buy a drink for takeaway and use the seating area on the other side of the same floor. From there, you have an amazing panoramic view of Akihabara from the windows there.

Such a nice view! (Even though it was raining that day)

COSPATIO and its sister stores fulfill 120% of the need of anime, manga, and game fans. Please come and see their abounding product selection – something that you might find only here in Japan!


https://cospatio.com (COSPATIO)
https://www.cospa.com (Parent Company COSPA)
Onoden Main Store 4F Gee Store Akiba, 1-2-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/m7BMx2whyDi3QSgWA
Nearest station: Akihabara Station