Tableware, stationery, books …and coffee beans: Shopping at “ANGERS ravissant” in Tokyo

“Stay home!” is one of the phrases we heard the most in recent times. Well, and staying home more made us think more about our home and our surroundings. Many people have already transformed and decorated their rooms with beautiful interior items. All the products of the general (or variety) store “ANGERS ravissant” inside “Kanda Square” are high-quality and beautifully designed. If you want to shop for miscellaneous goods that add color to your everyday life, then ANGERS is the place to go!

ANGERS is a variety store (“zakkaten“) brand that originated in Kyoto. The operating company “Futaba Shobo” started as a bookstore. When they opened a new general store, “ANGERS ravissant”, they decided to open it in Tokyo’s Kanda/Jimbocho area, which is known as Tokyo’s book town. The store is located inside “Kanda Square” which opened last summer in 2020. With its large windows and high ceiling, it is a bright welcoming space.

Beautifully designed items, books…and a lot of coffee

Cute coffee pots, chic coffee mills, and stylish coffee drippers on display

When you enter the store, the first thing you see is coffee beans and coffee-related miscellaneous goods. The kitchen utensils are beautifully crafted – some of them have wooden details or are made out of iron. The wide selection makes every coffee enthusiast’s mouth water.

ANGERS is known for introducing coffee shops from all over Japan to their customers. Every month, new coffee beans are sold. So every time you visit ANGERS, you will learn about a different, unique roastery! Also, don’t forget to check out the drip coffee packs produced by ANGERS. The package design is super cute, making these drip coffee packs a nice gift!

ANGERS’ original drip coffee in collaboration with a popular cafe. The package illustration on the left is an illustration by the artist yamyam, the one on the right is a print made by Ayumi Hanamatsu.
ANGERS sells not only coffee but also a lot of adorable tea goods.
Nambu ironware (nambu tekki) made in Japan, reborn in a modern design

When having delicious coffee, the best way to drink it is by using a beautiful coffee cup. When you have a beautiful cup, you might want a beautiful tableware set, decorate the whole room to match the vibe. Next, you might spend more time in your new beautiful room where you enjoy reading or write a letter with fashionable stationery. Well, ANGERS has selected products that meet all of those needs.

Tableware series by yumiko iihoshi porcelain. ANGERS’ original colors are also available.
Handcrafted tableware. Displaying works of various pottery artists from all over Japan, this corner is especially popular.

Decor and items, that are fun to look at

It is Mr. Isao Nishizawa, the store manager, who selects all the products handled by ANGERS.

When asked about his personal preference when choosing products, he answered, that he only chooses only “beautiful and fun products with a marvelous design.” He continued: “I try to select unique items that have something special to them from Japan or overseas.” Sometimes, he even travels to meet an artist in person and to learn more about the product.

The store manager’s favorite are the two large prints created by the Japanese artist Ayumi Hanamatsu on the wall. Since this work was made originally for ANGERS is unfortunately not for sale. Instead, you can buy miscellaneous goods with Ayumi Hanamatsu’s illustrations on them.

The store manager also chooses books that are sold inside the shop. Some of the works are his childhood favorites.
The stationery selection includes everything, from stylish pens to traditional Japanese pencil sharpener knives (seen in the photo).

Business people working at the offices inside Kanda Square visit the shop during their lunch break or on their way home from work. Therefore, the shop offers a lot of fashion accessories which you can use daily at your company and decor items for decorating your desk.

These handkerchiefs were created in collaboration with a designer working in Scandinavia.
A bear leather bag. Made of leather of hunter-captured animals (that were a threat for people), which is usually thrown away.
Here and there, I found unusual small items that made me wonder about their purpose. When I asked the store manager what these mysterious dices are for, he just said, “Imagine having this dice on your desk. Sometimes, you’d hold it in your hand. Wouldn’t that make you feel better?”
Colorful socks, French paper incense (that you have to burn), and chic handkerchiefs. All items make a great gift!

Browsing through the shop feels like going on a treasure hunt. It is a series of wonderful discoveries and encounters that will surprise you. ANGERS has a lot of wonderful items for any taste. If you are looking for beautiful products and unique decor, ANGERS will help you freshen up your home!

ANGERS ravissant Kanda Square Store
KANDA SQUARE 1st floor, 2-2-1 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Nearest station: Ogawamachi Station, Awajicho Station, Shin-Ochanomizu Station