Welcome to Tokyo’s Colorful Chiyoda Ward, Enjoyable in Every Season!

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, Chiyoda City (Chiyoda Ward) encompasses the allure of a bustling metropolis while preserving numerous historical sites and pockets of nature. Regardless of the season you choose to visit, a myriad of captivating activities awaits. As the editor-in-chief, Marei, I’ve curated a selection of recommended sightseeing spots within the Chiyoda area for you to explore in this video. Use it as your guide for an unforgettable trip to Japan.

Cherry Blossoms at Chidori-ga-fuchi

Chidori-ga-fuchi stands out as one of Tokyo’s most renowned cherry blossom viewing locations. Take a leisurely stroll along the Chidori-ga-fuchi Green Way, marveling at the “cherry blossom tunnel.” As night falls, the illuminated cherry trees create an incredibly romantic ambiance!
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“Sakura” cherry blossom tunnel at Chidori-ga-fuchi Green Way

Kanda Festival

The Kanda Festival ranks among Japan’s top three festivals, alongside Kyoto’s Gion Festival and Osaka’s Tenjin Festival. It takes place once every two years in May. Immerse yourself in the vibrant mikoshi (portable shrine) parade, resonating with the energetic shouts of participants amidst a dazzling procession!
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The festival of portable shrines exudes exuberance!

Imperial Palace East Gardens

Spanning approximately 210,000 square meters, these expansive gardens are a cherished tourist destination offering nature’s beauty across all four seasons. Wander amidst the remains of Edo Castle, admire the sturdy stone walls, and explore various historical edifices. Don’t miss out on the recommended free guided tours conducted by volunteers!
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Engage in a free guided tour of the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Chidori-ga-fuchi Lantern Festival at the Moat of the Imperial Palace

Witness lanterns adorned with participants’ hopes and dreams floating on the moat’s surface, casting a serene glow upon the surroundings. This tranquil and beautiful spectacle is an annual summer tradition not to be missed.
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Mesmerizing lanterns adorning the moat

Bon Dance Festival in Hibiya Park

The Hibiya Park Marunouchi Ondo Grand Bon Dance Festival welcomes all. Decked in colorful yukata, participants form circles and dance to traditional Japanese tunes resonating from lively drums. Join the dance celebration!
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Embrace the Bon Odori dance festivity wearing a Yukata!


Embark on a double-decker open bus for a “360° panorama of Tokyo”! Their tours offer a brief yet comprehensive Tokyo experience. The fresh and exhilarating view from the bus deck, especially when passing under elevated railroad tracks, is an adventure in itself!
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Sightseeing through Tokyo while feeling the invigorating wind

Cycling Around the Imperial Palace

While the “Imperial Palace Run” is a highly recommended jogging and running course, we also suggest encircling the Palace with friends and family on a sunny day using shared bicycles. It’s a delightful experience!
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Completing a lap around the Imperial Palace takes about an hour.

Autumn Foliage Viewing in a Park

Fall in Japan heralds the changing hues of leaves. Kitanomaru Garden and Hibiya Park, homes to numerous museums, offer perfect settings for leisurely strolls amidst autumn foliage. The gradation of orange and red in the leaves, along with the dazzling yellow of the ginkgo trees, truly embodies the essence of Japanese autumn.
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Early December is the prime time to view autumn leaves.

Kanda Used Book Festival & Jimbocho Book Festival

Bookstores in the Jimbocho area, renowned as the town of books, display their merchandise on shelves outside their stores for significant sales during the Kanda Used Book Festival & Jimbocho Book Festival. Many people gather to hunt for great bargains, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere that’s not to be missed!
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Discover book bargains at the Book Fest wagon sale!

Kanda, the City of Curry

With over 400 curry restaurants clustered in the Kanda area, it’s hailed as the holy land of curry in Japan. Annually, a “Kanda Curry Stamp Rally” takes place in the area from summer to winter.
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Enjoy various types of curry from spicy to vegan.

Concept Cafes in Akihabara

Akihabara’s concept cafes offer diverse and particularly thrilling experiences. Among them, maid shows presented by maid cafes remain highly popular.
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Maid show performers at “Akiba Broadway” presented by the famous “at-home cafe”.

Oedo Antique Market

A must-visit is the Oedo Antique Market, held twice a month at the Tokyo International Forum! It stands as one of Japan’s largest open-air antique markets, boasting a rich selection, including Japanese antiques dating back 300 years and vintage American items from 40 years ago.
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The market attracts many international visitors.

Winter Illuminations & Lights

A cherished winter tradition in Tokyo is the enchanting and dazzling illuminations. Exploring Christmas shopping and visiting cafes amidst these illumination spots adds to the festive fun!
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Champagne gold-colored Marunouchi-Naka-Dori-Street illumination.
Christmas tree at KITTE.