Try out the latest gadgets and inventions at the experience-based shop “b8ta”!

Recently, more and more innovative products such as electronic devices, VR gear, and futuristic IoT home appliances are being developed thanks to crowdfunding and Kickstarter campaigns. At “b8ta Tokyo” in Yurakucho you get the chance to get your hands on and try out these kinds of products. Welcome to the future!

Power to all start-ups! b8ta’s innovative business model

The spacious interior of b8ta Tokyo. On every table, you’ll find interesting products, the latest gadgets, and wonderful inventions.

b8ta was born in Silicon Valley, USA. The area is well-known for its countless tech companies and start-ups. The competition is high and until now, it has been rather difficult for small start-ups and venture companies to set up stores to sell their products.

The spacious interior of b8ta Tokyo. On every table, you’ll find interesting products, the latest gadgets, and wonderful inventions.

This is where b8ta comes into play. b8ta has developed a business system called “Retail as a Service”. Their stores are equipped with display tables that can be rented by companies. Companies can exhibit their products inside the store for a monthly fee. This gives potential customers the chance to take a closer look at the products. Furthermore, if the exhibiting company wishes, b8ta will also sell their products inside the store. This service is also included in the monthly fee.

In 2020, “b8ta” finally came to Japan. We visited their store in Yurakucho.
Inside the store, when you look up at the ceiling, you might spot cameras that are not for filming, but for analyzing the customers’ movements. They count how much time a person spends with each product to analyze how interesting it is and how much traction it gets. b8ta provides this data to the exhibiting companies as a service. Since most companies don’t have their own stores, this date is an attractive marketing tool for them.

An experience-based shop that makes you want to stay there forever

“Jammy G” is a MIDI guitar that can imitate the sounds of any musical instrument. Also, you can disassemble it.

b8ta Tokyo offers many benefits for both the exhibiting company and the customers! What surprised me the most when I visited the shop was the atmosphere. It felt completely different from the usual electronics shops. The shop staff’s job isn’t to sell the products. Therefore, you can spend as much time as you like looking at the products and testing them. No pressure!

Shop staff shows our reporter Marei the new AI pet-type robot “MOFLIN” which was made possible through crowdfunding.
When you touch MOFLIN, it makes sounds like a real pet, gets angry or happy. His personality will gradually change over time depending on how you treat him.

Sometimes, the b8ta testers (= store staff) will try out the product themselves at home. If you are interested in their personal experience, they will tell you what they enjoyed or realized about the product. Hearing their “real” experience feels like listening to a friend.

Every product has a tablet with detailed product explanations and related videos. In some cases, the products also have English explanations.
This face mask won’t slip off your face even though it has no ear straps. Recently, more and more new types of face masks are invented that provide more comfort when wearing them.
Soap in the shape of a sea bream (“tai“). It symbolizes celebrations and joy due to the Japanese wordplay of “medetai,” (meaning “celebration”) which includes the word “tai” (sea bream).

Often, crowdfunded products are sold only online. Perhaps you have sat in front of the computer yourself and wondered whether you should really buy this tempting product that you’ve never seen in person. That takes some courage. Here at b8ta, you can make a hands-on experience and test such products, so you can make your purchase with confidence. In addition, it’s just a lot of fun seeing all those amazing inventions that you never thought even existed!

Give yourself a head spa with the “ELECTRIC BARI BRUSH”. This product is used by many famous Japanese YouTubers. But since it is a fairly expensive product, you might want to try it out before buying.
Special “SDGs product” exhibition corner *Currently closed
The traditional Japanese toy “kendama” reborn as a competitive game using an app.

At b8ta, some products can be bought over-the-counter, while others can only be bought online. In other words, b8ta is more about making an “experience” rather than “shopping”.

My strangest “encounter” was this “navel cleaning jelly” for getting rid of belly-button lint (a product called “SPOT JELLY”). It was so popular that it sold out instantly.

Since the products change every month, you can experience new products whenever you come. So why don’t you visit b8ta Tokyo -Yurakucho to experience the latest devices and products that may be the greatest hit in the near future today?

b8ta Tokyo – Yurakucho (Japanese)
Yurakucho Electric Building 1st floor, 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Business Hours: 11:00 – 19:30
Nearest stations: Yurakucho Station, Hibiya Station, Ginza Station, Ginza-itchome Station