Traveling Japan without leaving the city: Exploring Tokyo’s “Antenna Shops” at Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan

There are 15 so-called antenna shops in the Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan building in front of JR Yurakucho Station. But what are antenna shops and what’s so great about them? An antenna shop is a store that sells specialties and exclusive products from prefectures and areas all over Japan. Even nowadays – when you can buy almost everything anywhere – there are some local specialties you can’t easily get your hands on in Tokyo. That is unless you visit an antenna shop.

Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan

When you walk around one of these stores, you will feel like you are traveling through Japan, without even leaving Tokyo. Discover gourmet foods from all over the country! This time, we will introduce the antenna shops in Hokkaido and Osaka.

Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza

“Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza” is one of the largest antenna shops. There are various genres of food, from specialty sweets to instant snacks and frozen foods. If you are curious, you can take the taste of Hokkaido home with you. Perfect for all foodies out there!

Rare frozen seafood products
Speaking of Hokkaido, it’s known for being the “land of dairy products”. The freezer is packed with delicious milk, cheese, and yogurt drinks!

My personal favorites were the instant soup curry and the famous Yubari melon products – one of the most famous melon brands in Japan. Yes, branded fruits and veggies are a thing!

All these colorful packages are different sorts of instant soup curries.
Yubari melon
Yubari melon
You can even buy a whole Yubari melon! But if you are just curious how this melon tastes, the melon-flavored soft serve ice cream is also a good choice! It’s one of the most popular products in this shop.
Inside this small can is a powder which is used to make ramen soup.
Osaka Department Store

When you enter the store, you instantly realize a delicious scent! Inside the store is a small restaurant called “OSAKA BAR”. Here, you get the chance to taste Osaka’s specialties, such as takoyaki (small “octopus balls”), pork buns, and tonpei-yaki (a dish of pork ribs wrapped in eggs). I had a set of 6 juicy and savory takoyaki. It was the real deal, just like in Osaka!

The dried bonito flakes sprinkled on hot takoyaki “dance” and bend due to the heat. Add mayonnaise and green laver if you like. Bon appetit!
Itadakimasu! Dig in!
If you want to take takoyaki home, try the frozen takoyaki. Just put them in the microwave for the original Osaka taste at home.
Mayonnaise with soup stock. Many of Osaka’s products and foods have a rather strong and rich taste.
A corner filled with Osaka character goods
A corner filled with Osaka character goods

These were only two of many fun antenna shops at Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan. There is still a lot to discover. If you want to go on a small round trip across Japan, why don’t you visit an antenna shop?

Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan
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