Enjoy Autumn in Tokyo! 3 Must-Visit Foliage Spots in the Chiyoda Area

As the second half of November and the first half of December dawn upon Tokyo, it marks the best season for enjoying autumn foliage in the city. This year, hot summer-like days continued just until recently. Now, finally, it’s fleece and hot drinks weather, and the autumnal atmosphere is spreading even in the heart of the city. The upcoming weeks offer an excellent opportunity to absorb yourself in the beauty of Japanese autumn leaves. Here are three recommended spots in Tokyo for viewing “momiji” autumn foliage!

1) Walk through a Tunnel of Autumn Leaves at Kitanomaru Garden

Kitanomaru Garden, an area with numerous splendid museums and art galleries, unveils a spectacular display of autumn foliage as fall sets in. Positioned on the park’s west side, “Mt. Momiji” (Momijiyama) showcases a vibrant array of diverse autumnal hues, standing out as a highlight among Tokyo’s autumn foliage.

Autumn leaves at Mt. Momiji

Numerous pathways within the “Mt. Momiji” (Momijiyama)” area create a captivating 360-degree tunnel, surrounding visitors in a breathtaking panorama of autumn leaves. Kitanomaru Garden stands as the perfect setting for capturing the essence of a traditional Japanese autumn!

Address: 1-1 Kitanomaru-koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/TiJaR2opzk35FqEV9
Nearest stations: Kudanshita Station, Takebashi Station

2) The Imperial Palace opens Inui Street to public for autumn foliage!

Within the Imperial Palace precincts, several areas usually off-limits to the public become accessible during two periods each year—spring and fall. During this year’s nine-day period, visitors can stroll along Inui Street (Inui-Dori) that runs north to south through the palace grounds and relish the beauty of autumn leaves. Along the way, historical remnants like the stone walls of Edo Castle and the Imperial Household Agency building, responsible for the care of the Emperor and Empress, offer a rare experience!

Period: November 25 (Sat) – December 3 (Sun)
Admission: 9:00 – 15:00 (exit by 15:30)
Route: From Sakashimon gate, through Inui-Dori Street, exiting at Inui-Dori gate.
Course map: https://www.kunaicho.go.jp/event/pdf/inui-r05aki-map2.pdf
Google Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ZrXvj6HJCXpafa177
Nearest stations: Nijubashimae Station, Otemachi Station, Sakuradamon Station, Takebashi Station, Tokyo Station

3) Autumn at an Urban Oasis! A Stroll through Hibiya Park

Hibiya Matsumotoro, a long-established restaurant located in Hibiya Park

Established in 1903, Hibiya Park stands as Japan’s inaugural Western-style modern park. To relish the autumn foliage, don’t miss the ancient ginkgo trees neighboring the Hibiya Matsumotoro restaurant within the park. These trees adorn a magnificent bright yellow, and their thick fallen leaves form a golden carpet—a sight worthy of capturing through your lens.

“Kumogata-ike Pond”

“Kumogata-ike Pond” (“cloud-shaped pond”) stands as another popular attraction. The charming bridge, the enchanting crane fountain, and the resplendent autumn leaves seamlessly blend to allure visitors. With various shopping facilities nearby, visitors can enjoy retail therapy and an autumnal stroll!

Address: 1 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/GUh2WcWcRCFbPBqH6
Nearest Stations: Kasumigaseki Station, Hibiya Station, Yurakucho Station

Even in the heart of Tokyo, numerous autumn foliage spots offer an authentic taste of the Japanese autumn experience. Go on a delightful adventure while relishing the crisp autumn breeze. Utilize this article as your guide to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn in Tokyo!