It’s curry season in Tokyo! Join a “spicy” stamp rally! (Kanda Curry Grand Prix)

Tokyo has a quarter where all curry fans come together to enjoy spicey food. That’s Kanda, which is said to be a “curry battle area” with more than 400 curry restaurants. Here, a fun curry event is held every year from August to the end of November. If you like curry in any style or form – you HAVE to join!

“Curry Stamp Rally”

Every year, they have a “stamp rally” in the Kanda area, where eat at different curry restaurants and collect stamps in a booklet. The booklets for the stamp rally are distributed at JR and Tokyo Metro stations, at the Chiyoda City Tourism Association, Chiyoda City Office and other places.

Kanda Curry Stamp Rally Booklet

By conquering one or more courses during the event, you can win prizes and get the title of a “Kanda Curry Meister”. As a curry fan, I think there is no other way than to try to become a “Curry Meister”!

European Style "Dry" Curry at "Soleil"

Watch me eating at 4 different curry restaurants in one night with real “Curry Meisters” (they were great):

Training to become a real “Kanda Curry Meister”!

If you are trying also become a Curry Meister, you will have to choose a course. I think I will pick the “A Course” out of the 5 courses. This is because the “A Course” includes my favorite curry restaurant “Oodori Kanda Surugadai”. Here, you can eat the most delicious soup curry in Tokyo! In my home country Germany, we don’t have a lot of curry meals and definitely no soup curry. Oodori’s curry was a (positive) shock for me. It’s sooo good! Also, I like the restaurant’s retro atmosphere. Very much recommended!

Superb soup curry with a hamburger!

Why don’t you try to become a Curry Meister while eating around in the Kanda area?

Oodori (Audrey) Kanda Surugadai Store

3-10-18 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Kanda Curry Grand Prix (Curry Festival)
Grand Prix Finals: November 2 (Sat), 3 (Sun), 2019
Venue: Ogawa Square
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