Four gardens and next-level relaxation at the renewed “HOTEL NIWA TOKYO”!

 Reopened in March this year, HOTEL NIWA TOKYO is just a 3-minutes walk from JR Suidobashi Station, close to Tokyo Dome in the heart of Tokyo. It was the first large-scale construction work since the hotel’s opening in 2009. As the word “NIWA” (=garden) in the hotel’s name implies, the hotel offers four little gardens, as well as new modern Japanese-style rooms, high-quality services for its guests, and one of the finest breakfasts in town!


Four gardens – Each with its own original taste

・ Rooftop Terrace (15th floor)
A space exclusively for guests above the streets of Tokyo. This garden has been newly installed on the top floor of the hotel. Take one of the pillows and use it to sit down on your favorite spot on the black granite floor. It’s a small garden where guests can chat and enjoy the panoramic view of the city surrounded by plants. At night, the terrace gets lit up and you can also overlook Tokyo’s night panorama.

Rooftop Terrace and the view just after the rain stopped.
Illuminated at night, the atmosphere is exquisite!

・ Courtyard (1st floor)
The hotel’s two restaurants surrounding a lush “Courtyard” have a beautiful view of the greenery. As you approach the garden and listen carefully, you will hear the relaxing sound of water flowing through the garden and sprinkling down a small waterfall. If you’re lucky, you might be able to take a picture of birds hopping from branch to branch or taking a bath in a water pit.


・ Zen Terrace (2nd floor)
The “Zen Terrace” is a modern Japanese space combined with a wood deck, reminiscent of a Japanese “dry garden” (Karesansui, rock garden, a garden-style that creates a miniature stylized landscape using stones, moss, and sand). Somehow the traditional garden perfectly fits the surrounding skyscrapers. This garden makes Japanese garden fans’ hearts beat faster!

I love these round stone benches!

・ Lounge Terrace (3rd floor)
Located outside the “Refresh Lounge” exclusively for guests, the Lounge Terrace is an open Japanese space with Japanese plants and flowers allowing you to feel the changes of the four seasons. Close your eyes and listen to the murmuring water flowing from the huge rock (with a total length of 6 meters!) and the chirping of birds.

Lounge Terrace
Lounge Terrace at night

A modern Japanese-style room with a cypress bath

“HOTEL NIWA TOKYO” was originally a classic Japanese inn (ryokan). During the renewal, the hotel went back to its roots and created new Japanese-style rooms (6 rooms in total), which symbolizes the hotel’s concept of “Beautiful Modern Japanese”.

Thanks to the sofa bed, this room fits up to 3 people.

The floor of the rooms is tatami mats! The “Signature Twin Rooms” has a full-fledged cypress bathtub! Such a wonderful room with soft light falling through the shoji paper screens! When you take a deep breath, you can smell the nice scent of tatami mats.

Cypress bathtub
Japanese influences in every detail.

Special services for high-quality guests

At the “Refresh Lounge” on the 3rd floor, guests are offered free siphon coffee made from freshly ground beans and carefully selected sencha green tea (4 pm to 8 pm). During the renewal construction period, the front desk staff was instructed by a professional to learn how to make delicious coffee and tea.

You can choose your favorite coffee cup.
Traditional tea making

HOTEL NIWA TOKYO is great for relaxation. A new space has been created where the latest models of massage chairs (3 units) are installed. Relax your body and mind by getting a massage while watching nature videos in the daytime and videos of the starry sky at night! (This service is available 24 hours a day.)

This is paradise! It was so comfortable, I would even stay at the hotel just for using the chairs all day long!

Enjoy an amazing Japanese breakfast!

The hotel’s two restaurants, Japanese and French cuisine, facing the courtyard on the first floor are open to everyone. I had a Japanese breakfast set meal at the restaurant “Japanese Cuisine YUKURI”. The commitment is outstanding!

This is an explanation of the meal.
Japanese breakfast

What surprised me especially was the transparent tomato juice! Ordinary tomato juice is red, but when you strain it over time, it becomes clear. The juice had a rich, sweet-sour tomato taste. A special drink perfect in the morning!

Impressed by the transparent tomato juice!
Freshly cooked rice, miso soup, grilled fish, pickled bran, a soft-boiled egg, simmered dishes, chirimen-jako (baby sardines), etc. Look at this variety!

My favorite was the miso soup. The miso soup is made by adding kelp and bonito broth to a unique miso blend specially ordered from a long-established miso specialty store. I was impressed by the chef’s commitment to each dish in order to create the perfect “Tokyo breakfast”.

Miso soup

HOTEL NIWA TOKYO has evolved even further with its latest renewal and has been updated to a “Japanese-style” relaxation space. Why don’t you spend the best relaxing time at HOTEL NIWA TOKYO?

1-1-16 Kandamisakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Nearest station: Suidobashi Station, Jimbocho Station