Treasure hunt in Jimbocho – Visit the Kanda Secondhand Book Festival to find rare books and prints!

In Jimbocho, known as the “book town” of Tokyo, you can find about 200 bookstores selling everything from new publications to rare publications, maps, prints, as well as foreign books. If you’re up for a treasure hunt, publications like these can be purchased at low special prices during Kanda Secondhand Book Festival (Kanda Furuhon Matsuri), which is held every year from the end of October, making Jimbocho the place to go for every book-lover.

“Kanda Secondhand Book Festival”

The Kanda Secondhand Book Festival, which begins on October 25, is an annual book festival in Tokyo’s Jimbocho area. There are about 100 participating stores, with over 1 million items on display. Moreover, many books are sold at special prices, while other books are brought out of the warehouses and to the bookshelves inside the stores. That’s why this festival offers you the chance to find rare items you wouldn’t usually find anywhere else.

Kanda Secondhand Book Festival
Kanda Secondhand Book Festival
Bookstore with old classics and woodblock prints

The biggest highlight is the “book corridor,” a tunnel consisting of about 500 meters of bookshelves along the main street. Just looking at this site is worth visiting the festival!

Book Corridor

If you are staying in Tokyo from the end of October to the beginning of November, consider going on a treasure hunt while taking a stroll through the city of books!

Also, if you find a book, you should visit one of the many retro cafes in the area. It’s the perfect place to read a book and enjoy a cup of wonderful coffee (or juice!).

The 60th Kanda Secondhand Book Festival (Kanda Furuhon Matsuri)
October 25 (Friday)-November 4 (Monday, national holiday) 2019
Venue: Around Jimbocho Station