A visit to Tokyo Station’s ramen noodle paradise! “Tokyo Ramen Street”

A great selection of Tokyo’s famous ramen noodle soup restaurants, that’s “Tokyo Ramen Street” in the underground shopping area “Tokyo Station First Avenue” at the Yaesu Exit side of Tokyo Station. Different types of special broth and ramen noodles as well as limited menus make “Tokyo Ramen Street” the perfect location for all ramen noodle soup fans! If you want to try ramen, “Tokyo Ramen Street” is the place to go!

A stroll around Tokyo Ramen Street

“Tokyo Ramen Street” is located on “Tokyo Station First Avenue” just outside the ticket gate on the Yaesu Exit side of the Shinkansen and JR local lines. You can easily stop by when you have some spare time to change trains or when going on a trip. Theme-based shopping areas such as “Tokyo Character Street” (see article) are also adjacent, making it a perfect place to spend time with your family.

The information signboard has English explanations on how to use the automatic meal ticket machines.

The ramen restaurants on “Tokyo Ramen Street” include various ramen types: niboshi (= dried small sardines) ramen, classic chuka soba, tsukemen (dipping style), shio ramen, tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen, miso ramen, seafood ramen. In addition, there is one limited-time “local ramen” restaurant that changes once in 100 days. So many options to choose from!

“Soranoiro NIPPON,” a chicken soy sauce ramen restaurant offering vegan and gluten-free options!

“Tonkotsu Ramen Oreshiki Jun” with “ajihen” (taste change)

My first bowl of ramen was tonkotsu ramen. “Tonkotsu Ramen Oreshiki Jun” is characterized by its rich and creamy tonkotsu (pork bone) broth, which is slow-simmered for 24 hours in-store.

Before entering the store, choose the menu you want to eat from the automatic ticket vending machine and buy a ticket.
In addition to ramen, you can choose from a variety of side dishes. Pay with cash or a transportation IC card (such as SUICA or PASSMO), and then hand the issued ticket to the staff.
There is also a great value set!

I chose the popular menu “Yarisugi Niboshi Ramen DX” using a lot of niboshi (= dried small sardines) for the broth. Another feature of the restaurant is that you can choose the firmness of the noodles from 5 levels. From <super hard> to <soft>, thin straight noodles using Japanese wheat are boiled to your preferred firmness.

“Yarisugi Niboshi Ramen DX”

My ramen broth was super rich and creamy. You could taste the “umami” of the dried sardines making the soup flavorful and very tasty. In this restaurant, you can also change the taste of the ramen by adding the spices placed on the table. This is called “ajihen” – taste change. The shop’s specialty is “rasho”, a spicey homemade oil sauce. So many options with only one bowl of ramen noodles!

The sign above the kitchen explains a recommended “ajihen” recipe.

“Hirugao”, one of Tokyo’s most loved shio (salty) ramen restaurants

Hirugao’s shio ramen is characterized by a natural dashi stock made with chicken, kelp, scallops, dried sardines, and vegetables. I had their No. 1 most popular menu, “Shio Ramen Hirugaomori”, which includes all toppings.

“Shio Ramen Hirugaomori” topped with a two days slow-roasted pork, half-boiled salted egg, shrimp wontons, and sea lettuce.

I expected the taste to be heavy with a lot of toppings, but I was surprised to find the broth tasting super light but flavorful with a hint of yuzu citrus peel added for extra aroma. Very delicious! Their thin noodles were also great. If you are not used to slurping your noodles, you may want to start practicing with these! These were delicate ramen free of chemical seasonings and made with only natural ingredients that I want to eat again!

Since I was full after two bowls of ramen, I have to come again to visit the remaining restaurants. If you are interested, please stop by and enjoy the taste of famous restaurants and their special noodles, broths, and toppings!

Tokyo Ramen Street

First Avenue Tokyo Station B1, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/FK9LWRnJWHF2n7ye6
Nearest stations: JR Tokyo Station, Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station