Traveling in Tokyo: The Chiyoda district in Tokyo offers everything your heart desires!

What do you want to experience in Tokyo?
Do you love Japanese art? Would you like to experience the latest technology and electronic trends? Are you interested in history and historical buildings? Do you want to buy anime figures and visit a real maid café? Or do you enjoy gourmet food, maybe at an elegant dinner overlooking the romantic lights of the big city?

The district of Tokyo that houses all of the “things you always wanted to do in Tokyo” and “things you didn’t even know you want to do” is the Chiyoda ward, right in the center of Tokyo.

The most famous attraction in the Chiyoda ward is the Imperial Palace where the Japanese emperor lives. What you may not know is that the area around the Imperial Palace is also the most popular running track in Japan. Thousands of runners jog every day counter-clockwise around the sprawling palace. Tokyo has the image of a big city, but there are still many large parks and green areas suitable for sports and recreation in the city center.

Outside of Japan, it is hardly known that there are many “hobby cities” in the neighborhoods around the Imperial Palace. Especially famous is “Akihabara”, which gradually changed from being an “electric city” to being the Mecca of anime, manga and video games.

Besides Akihabara, there are many other fun neighborhoods.
Jimbocho is the city of books, maps and woodblock prints. “Ogawamachi” right next to Jimbocho is the city of sports equipment and curry.

There is also “Ochanomizu”, the city of music and instruments. And so on…! There are good reasons why so many people gather every day in these areas. It’s not only because of the superb selection of new items but also because the shops sell many used goods and well-preserved collectibles. The shop owners are well aware of the high demands and hidden desires of their customers. That’s why they take the time end make the effort to respond appropriately to all of the needs, wishes and preferences of their customers.

If you’re getting hungry, try local gourmet curry, drink sake in an “izakaya” bar under the railway tracks, or eat at a restaurant in one of the skyscrapers that surround the beautiful, red brick Tokyo Station.

In addition, you should definitely visit a “retro café” (called “junkissa“). These cafes are currently extremely popular with Japanese teenagers because of their retro, instagrammable atmosphere.

As you walk through the various neighborhoods in the Chiyoda ward, you will not only have a great time, but you will be amazed at how fast the day goes by.
What is your hobby? You are guaranteed to find a neighborhood that meets all your needs!

From now on, we regularly introduce you to the charm of different neighborhoods in the Chiyoda district! Stay tuned!