Architectural walk: Discover the retro-modern “Gakushikaikan” and it’s beef curry with fresh vegetables

Kanda Nishikicho in Tokyo was once the center of higher education. The retro-modern “Gakushikaikan” in the center of this area lets you travel back in time. The fascinating rare architecture of “Gakushikaikan” is often used as a location for drama shootings. Also, they have a specialty curry!

There are many universities around Kanda Nishikicho, which borders the “book town” Jimbocho. It has been an area with many students for decades.

The exterior design of Gakushikaikan is in a simple and modern Vienna Secession style. Look at the cute rounded corner of the building!

Because of its simple appearance, the differently sized and shaped windows on each floor and the decorations on the 4th floor make a good accent.

Window decorations

Discover the “Gakushikaikan”

“Gakushikaikan” started as a university club. Currently, it is being used as a place for the exchange of knowledge between former students of the “Seven National Universities” of Japan. But even if you are not a university student at one of these universities, you are allowed to enter the building. “Gakushikaikan” has a charming interior, so be sure to go and take a look inside!

Front entrance of “Gakushikaikan”

Upon entering the building, you feel as if you have just traveled through time. You can imagine how university graduates, professors, and visitors walked through these halls, chatting along. They probably were just as fashionable as this stylish space.

Photo on the right: Library for club members
Since the building is such a unique place, it is regularly used for TV drama and movie shootings.

Healthy curry at a unique location

Additionally, I would like to recommend “THE SEVEN’S HOUSE”. The restaurant’s rooms look like a true European historic cafe, and the seats by the window where you can enjoy the outside view are all picturesque.


Here, I recommend you to order their healthy veggies and beef curry. The first spoon of curry has a rather mild taste, but then you’ll feel the spiciness coming with a punch. Very tasty!

A harmony of fresh vegetables, healthy rice, and medium-rare beef!

Taking a stroll around the halls will make you feel very elegant. Your walking speed naturally decreases and you will start realizing the finer details of the interior. What a charming place! How about you? Don’t you want to travel back in time to a place 90 years ago?

Is this really Japan? What a wonderful travel through time! You will learn much about Japanese classic architecture and the inspiration it took from European architecture.

3-28 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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