Colorful autumn leaves: The best parks in central Tokyo to enjoy the fall season!

As you might have heard, Japan’s cherry blossom season is world-famous, but in fact, many Japanophiles would even say that the “autumn leaves season” is actually better. In Tokyo, the best time to view autumn leaves is from late November to early December. In this article, we will introduce three parks with famous crimson and yellow autumn foliage spots in central Tokyo. Don’t miss the chance to take photos of the wonderful autumn scenery!

Kitanomaru Garden

Kitanomaru Garden is an area where excellent art museums and science museums gather. When autumn deepens, the crimson red autumn leaves of “Kitanomaru Garden” are stunning! You have to visit Mt. Momiji (Momijiyama) on the west side of the garden. There are various types of autumn leaves that are so dense that they actually create a tunnel, which is one of Tokyo’s fall highlights.

1-1 Kitanomaru Garden, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Map:
Nearest station: Kudanshita Station, Takebashi Station

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Hibiya Park

This park is Japan’s first Western-style modern park, completed in 1903. The big old ginkgo trees standing close to the Hibiya Matsumotoro Restaurant are shining in a bright yellow. Their fallen leaves create a thick yellow carpet on the ground which is a fantastic photo spot. “Kumogata-ike Pond” (the “cloud-shaped pond”) is also a very popular spot to take photos. There is a cute Japanese bridge, a beautiful crane-shaped fountain… and autumn leaves over autumn leaves. If the weather is fine, head to this beautiful park!

Hibiya Matsumotoro Restaurant

1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Map:
Nearest station: Kasumigaseki Station, Hibiya Station, Yurakucho Station

Imperial Palace East Gardens

Imperial Palace East Gardens

The large site is known as a cherry blossom spot, but the garden is also beautiful during the autumn season.
The garden is a part of the inner palace area and is open to the public (please check the official calendar!). Against the backdrop of Tokyo’s high-rise buildings, you can see a few remains of the old Edo castle, such as the “Honmaru ruins” and stone walls. A glimpse of Japanese history!

Imperial Palace East Gardens during cherry blossom season

Latest information and calendar:
1-1 Chiyoda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Map:
Closed: Mondays and Fridays (open on public holidays)

Even in the middle of Tokyo, there are a lot of great spots where you can enjoy autumn leaves. We hope that you will enjoy Tokyo’s fantastic sunny fall weather at the parks!