Japanese soul food you shouldn’t miss: Udon & Shaved Ice at Iidabashi!

Iidabashi Station, where five different train lines intersect, is very easy to access. Iidabashi area also has many small offices and companies. That’s why during lunchtime, you can see office workers flock to the many casual restaurants in the area. For all foodies, we would like to introduce “Mamechawan”. Here, you can try the Japanese soul food udon noodles and shaved ice in one place!

“Mamechawan” is specialized in sanuki udon (the traditional udon noodle soup type from Shikoku) and shaved ice, called kakigori in Japanese. Kakigori is a summer soul food, but this store offers kakigori all year round! The wide variety of original kakigori is astonishing. No wonder you have to wait for an hour outside during the hot summer months until you finally get the refreshing treat.

In seasons other than summer, you can enter the restaurant without waiting. If you have to wait, just write your name on the list at the entrance.
Inside Mamechawan

Mission 1: Udon

Of course, the classic kama’age udon and zaru udon are delicious, but if you are up to something special, definitely try the restaurant’s original udon! Kimchi udon, udon with chicken and mushrooms, sesame egg udon, and so on.

Sesame udon with egg. Add ginger paste and chives for some additional spice.

The sesame udon with egg had a very aromatic creamy soup, topped with some extra sesame seeds. Soooo creamy and good!

Mission 2: Shaved Ice

The shaved ice menu is just wonderful. The restaurant offers the latest trends as well as seasonal kakigori. When one flavor is sold out, the menu quickly changes to another, new version. Therefore, whenever you visit, you should discover something new.

The variety of shaved ice in Japan is really something worth mentioning. Kakigori never really gets its earned spot in any guidebook – but you should at least try it once!
The ice itself has no flavor, meaning that flavor heavily depends on seasonal fruits and the shop’s original creamy sauce.

Hyuganatsu & cream cheese kakigori – with a Japanese citrus fruit called hyuganatsu. Hyuganatsu puree and milk sauce, topped with cream cheese sauce and hyuganatsu, and cream cheese whipped cream! A lot of creams, but sooo good!

The shaved ice at Mamechawan is huge!! The cold ice melts in your mouth in an instant and you will be rewarded with a taste that you could describe as “the taste of happiness”!

Strawberry chocolate kakigori – using pink ruby ​​chocolate.

It is rare to find a cafe-restaurant where you can enjoy two types of Japanese soul food at once. Since the cafe is just a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Grand Shrine, how about dropping by after visiting the famous shrine?


2-7-2 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/AtsCPE7obB3n3a7H9
Nearest station: Iidabashi Station