Shopping & restaurant tour under the railway viaduct: HIBIYA OKUROJI (PART 2)

HIBIYA OKUROJI is a new commercial facility located under the railway viaduct between Yurakucho Station and Shimbashi Station that opened in September this year. The historic brick construction of the viaduct is still intact, making this a very charming place. Also, the roofed viaduct construction prevents rain from coming inside. Perfect for a shopping spree when it’s raining outside. Continuing from the last time, we would like to introduce some more shops and restaurants at HIBIYA OKUROJI!

The stylish logo of HIBIYA OKUROJI. It’s in the shape of an arched tunnel.
The underpass that supports the train tracks is used for shops and restaurants.

Fashionable leather goods shop “TIDEWAY”

Among the many wonderful shops, you definitely have to visit “TIDEWAY”. It is a store that sells leather products such as bags and wallets MADE IN JAPAN.

Bags in various sizes and shapes displayed inside the store.

The biggest appeal of TIDEWAY’s leather products is the unique shape. Nostalgic bags with rounded corners, completely square ones, bags in natural leather colors, and colorful options – there is something for everyone!

Bags and wallets with sharp, straight lines. The timeless designs are popular – regardless of age or gender.

This foldable stool is also a product you can buy here. The stool comes with a carry bag.
A round and a square bag. Very different, but both very cute!

Staff told us that their “NUME” product series is especially popular with overseas customers. The NUME series uses leather that has been tanned with plant-based tannin and isn’t treated with any other kind of surface treatment. The tan leather will change its appearance and feel as you continue using it, gradually changing from light beige to a bright orange-brown. Many customers enjoy this process since it feels as if you “customize” your bag yourself.

“NUME” product series
The shop offers an engravement service. When you make a purchase of over 10,000 yen, you get a leather ribbon you can engrave yourself!

TIDEWAY leather products are fun and come in beautiful designs. This shop is a great place to look for gifts for your loved ones or even yourself!

Authentic German food – also in smaller sizes! “JS Lennep ~ hanare ~”

“JS Lennep ~ hanare ~”

If you’re hungry after shopping, why not try a new restaurant specialized in authentic German food? Our German writer Marei was keen to try the German food at “JS Lennep ~ hanare ~”. As the Japanese word “hanare” (= “seperate”) name of the restaurant suggests, this is a branch restaurant produced by JS Lennep, a long-established German izakaya founded in 1978, which is located close to Yurakucho Station under the railway viaduct.

German bread is sold, too. Some customers only come to buy bread.

The restaurant offers draft beer directly imported from Germany, wine, sausages, and other authentic German cuisines. What makes this branch different from the main restaurant is that it offers a wide variety of stews. Also, beer is available in small sizes which is great when you want to try a variety of different German beers.

There are many stews on the menu. Stews or pot dishes, in general, are very popular in Germany. Since it’s rather a home cuisine, you rarely find it at restaurants in Japan. Therefore, this restaurant might be the only one in Japan with such a big variety of German stews and pot dishes!
Marei enjoying a black beer. The small size is 200ml. This size allows you to try different beers without getting drunk.
Look at this delicious German food!
German food means a lot of meat dishes! A hearty Eisbein, a sausage platter, and a beer stewed meat dish. All are excellent!
Chickpea and soybean tomato soup. It’s a perfect dish for the coming cold season!

Not only the food but also the beer tasted great. After all, barrel beer just tastes different compared to bottled (or even canned) beer. Whether you’re ordering a small plate for lunch or share multiple dishes with family and friends, you’ll surely have a fun German cuisine experience! “JS Lennep ~ hanare ~” is an authentic German restaurant that is approved by our German writer, too!

1-7-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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