Shopping for Japanese washi paper in Tokyo: Dive into the world of washi at “Yamagataya Kamiten”

“Yamagataya Kamiten” in Kanda Jimbocho, Tokyo, is a Japanese paper (washi) specialty store founded in 1879. The wide variety of traditional handmade Japanese paper products includes rare washi papers from all over Japan. Washi is perfect for arts and crafts, and many of the original products make a lovely souvenir of a gift for your close friends!

“Yamagataya Kamiten” Paper Store facing Sakura-dori Street in Kanda Jimbocho


Colorful Japanese paper products

“Yamagataya Kamiten” sells Japanese paper (washi) from all over the country as well as various kinds of original products made in-house. In search of beautiful Japanese paper, artists, calligraphers, architects, and ordinary customers frequent the store. If you have a project in mind or need Japanese paper for a certain purpose, the shop staff will help you choose the perfect washi out of a large number of products according to your needs.

There are so much more products than you would think at first glimpse – many Japanese paper products are stored in drawers and shelves inside the store.

The more you look at different types of washi, the more ways of usage come to mind. Washi can be used for letters, stationery, crafts, shoji sliding screens, table sets, and decorations. Washi is super versatile!

Japanese paper with a cute pattern. Some customers spend over an hour in this corner of the store.

The deep world of Japanese paper

Japanese paper in the form of scrolls that for writing (traditional) letters

Washi is made by hand. Making high-quality washi requires a cold environment and clean water. And since Japanese washi paper is produced all over Japan, it has different characteristics depending on the season and place.

Simple washi papers with various thicknesses and different textures. In 2014, UNESCO added Japanese handmade paper to its list of “UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, as represented by Sekishubanshi from Shimane Prefecture, Honminoshi from Gifu Prefecture, and Hosokawashi from Saitama Prefecture.
Stationery made of washi from all over Japan
Washi with a pattern made by sprinkling wax on the paper before the dying process.

The shop owner, a washi expert, regularly visits paper manufactories in every part of the country and carefully selects only the paper she approves. Sometimes, she has ideas for new washi designs and creates them in cooperation with the manufacturers. Therefore, many washi products are only available at “Yamagataya Kamiten”.

This product was the idea of the shop owner. The washi is dyed using “mud” and “indigo” using a historic dyeing technique of Amami Oshima, which has a history of 1300 years.
This rack is a must-see! The (money) envelopes are all made using washi from “Yamagataya Kamiten”.
This washi set is also an original product of the shop.
Japanese paper dyed with an extract made from cherry blossom branches.


Find beautiful souvenirs!

The Mt. Fuji paper art created by the owner herself is especially popular.

Collage work made by tearing and gluing Japanese paper (chigiri-e)

The shop owner’s artwork is made into cute original postcards. With already over 100 types, these postcards are awesome souvenirs for your friends! The postcards are so popular with domestic and foreign customers, that the owner is now planning to create a calendar using these cards.

The motif of all postcards is Mt. Fuji. The colors and the atmosphere of the seasons are all different, so it’s fun to choose.

And there is still so much more!

Miscellaneous goods that can be a wonderful gift, such as Japanese towels, tablet cases, items with the shop’s original character on them, Japanese paper earrings, etc.

The more you dive into the world of Japanese paper, the more colorful and exciting it becomes. If you are going on a shopping spree in Tokyo, don’t forget to add “Yamagataya Kamiten” in Kanda Jimbocho on your list! You will find something you LOVE at this shop for sure!

Yamagataya Kamiten (Yamagataya Paper Shop)

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2-17 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Nearest stations: Jimbocho Station, Kudanshita Station