Want to become a ninja?! Tokyo’s new ninja training facility VR NINJA DOJO

Opened this spring near JR Kanda Station, “VR NINJA DOJO” offers tourists a unique ninja experience. After practicing with shuriken throwing stars in a ninja costume, you will play against some fierce enemies in an original VR game!

The VR NINJA DOJO in Kanda, Tokyo

All staff members of “VR NINJA DOJO” speak English. So don’t worry about communication. When you come in, your group will change to a full-fledged ninja costume (worn over your clothes) and then have some time to take a lot of photos as memories!

Next, the group enters the training dojo! Inside the dojo, you will learn the basics of how to use a Japanese sword and shuriken throwing stars, how to cast secret ninja spells, and also avoid enemy attacks. The ninja master’s English instructions are humorous and a lot of fun!!

Experience a ninja fight in a VR game!

The highlight of the ninja experience is the original VR game at the end. You (= the ninja) enter a small green screen room, put on some VR goggles, and then fight against enemies approaching you from all directions.

This is your chance to show what you’ve learned during the ninja training earlier. Outside the VR room, the other ninjas can watch you play on a TV screen. Using the green screen, the player’s image and the VR game are combined so that it looks as if the player is actually inside the game. This new style of editing a VR game is very exciting to watch and you can cheer on your ninja friends!

After the VR game is over, you will receive a scroll with your ninja photo. If you scan the QR code printed on the scroll, you can actually watch your gameplay video and also download it to share with your friends. What a wonderful souvenir!

Get your results on a scroll!

VR NINJA DOJO is one of the latest and most fun high-tech facilities in Tokyo. This kind of ninja adventure can only be experienced here. Please bring your family and friends and have a wonderful and exciting VR ninja training!


Takebashi Building, 2-15-15 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/FerZmE6c7LpajZ5B8
Nearest station: JR Kanda Station