Cooling off in the city: Discover the fountains in Hibiya Park!

When Hibiya Park in central Tokyo opened to the public in 1903, it was Japan’s first Western-style park. It is a wonderful place with pink cherry blossoms in spring, lush greens in summer, and beautifully red autumn leaves in fall. Since the park is very large and with the scenery varying depending on the area, walking around and discovering everything is a lot of fun. For the coming summer season, why don’t you cool off on a little tour around the unique and refreshing fountains at Hibiya Park?

The ‘Big Fountain’ at Fountain Square

The symbol of Hibiya Park, ‘Big Fountain’, is located in the plaza right outside Hibiya Station, next to the park’s entrance.

A variety of events are held throughout the year at this fountain square. You can watch the vigorous water show of the fountain every day between 8 am and 9 pm. The fountain jets the water up to a maximum height of 12 meters (about 40ft). At night, the fountain is lit up and couples usually sit on the benches around the square, enjoying the romantic atmosphere.

The ‘Pelican Fountain’ at the ‘First Flower Garden’

Your next goal will be the unique ‘Pelican Fountain’. On the way, you will pass Shinji-ike Pond. When you look closely, you will find some surprising displays, such as a rock brought back from Antarctica by the Japanese Antarctic Research Team, and a big stone with Viking writing on it. Don’t miss these unusual items! With an old stone wall on the opposite side, the scenery at the pond is wonderful. The stone wall belongs to ‘Hibiya Mitsuke’ – remains of the former Edo Castle.

A monument inscribed with ancient Viking letters. Hibiya Park is full of unique monuments everywhere.

The Pelican Fountain is located on the north side of the Western-style flower bed with geometric patterns. It’s called the “First Flower Garden”. This scenery is often used as a location for Japanese TV dramas – so maybe you will recognize this background later when you’re watching a drama!

The two pelicans are somewhat weird… but cute anyway!

The ‘Crane Fountain’ at Kumogata-ike Pond

For me, the fountain-highlight of the park is the ‘Crane Fountain’ at Kumogata-ike Pond. As the name already reveals, the fountain is in the shape of a crane. Water is sprinkling quite vigorously from the delicate copper crane’s beak.

This fountain was constructed in 1905 which makes it the third-oldest fountain in a Japanese park. Around the pond, benches invite you to sit down and enjoy the calming and refreshing sight.

The cute Japanese bridge at the pond is a popular photo spot, especially in fall with the beautiful autumn foliage.

If you are getting hot in summer and you want to cool down, just take a walk around the fountains in Hibiya Park!

Hibiya Park
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