New inside Yurakucho Marui! The Flower-themed sensory art installation “NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU”

Since its opening in March this year, the first permanent installation of the famous “NAKED FLOWERS” exhibition series has opend under the name “NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU”. “NAKED FLOWERS” is known for its experimental approach to art. The exhibition makes you feel “flowers” with all five senses. Now, for the first time, “FOR YOU” has been added to the title. We experienced the world view of beautiful, personalized flower art!

offers its visitors various personalized experiences tailored to each individual. This is made possible through profile diagnosis and image analysis. So when wandering through the five gardens inside the facility, all flower art experiences will adjust to suit only you.

Yurakucho Marui just outside JR Yurakucho Station
This is me doing the profile diagnosis and facial analysis. You can choose between Japanese and English.

Before exploring the personalized gardens, head to the “CLEAN JUNGLE”!

Standing in front of the “CLEAN JUNGLE”, you can hear running water, see water flowing like a waterfall (through the projection mapping), and relish the smell of botanical aroma oils. The installation looks like a cave. In fact, there are some openings for your hands. So put your hands inside! A disinfectant will be sprayed onto your hands while a blooming flower is projected onto your palm. How cool! This installation is also called “art to prevent infections”.

Next, it’s time to visit the five gardens. Each garden has a QR code reader for scanning your personal QR code stored together with your “diagnosis” on your smartphone.


Scan your QR code to make a big flower bloom in front of you. You will get a chocolate bar according to your test result. My result was “POWER ASSIST”. The energy charge was much needed!


This is a collaboration with Japan’s first bridal jewelry specialty store “Ginza Diamond Shiraishi”. This installation shows you a ring design that suits your personality type.


Put the proposed aroma on your wrist and meditate in a dedicated booth. Relax with customized light, sound, and scent!

This garden is a frozen wonderland.
Meditation booths and 5 aromas


This is a garden of medical herbs. The test result shows you which medical herbs match your needs. Pick them up and take them home. (Additional charge of 700 yen is required)

This is such a cute photo spot!


Inside a room with many screens, an image analysis camera scans your face and diagnoses your “type”. Then, flowers that match your face type will bloom by projection mapping. In the end, you get cosmetics as a gift – of course, based on your analysis! (An additional charge of 500 yen is required)

My face everywhere! This garden was my favorite. SO funny!
My type was “STYLISH”. I was given a stylish dark cherry-colored lipstick.


In addition to the five gardens, there are also other flower art exhibits. The tall tree in the center of the facility is an artwork called “OUSAI”, meaning “colors of cherry trees”. Every few minutes, the colors of the projection shift, expressing the four seasons. This is a cute photo spot!


Use the tablet to draw a pattern of your favorite color. Your work becomes a flower and is projected on the big screen together with flowers drawn by other people.

Let’s make flower art together!

Don’t miss the installation inside the shop!

Did I get stuck in magical laboratory equipment!? To see the installation in motion, please check the short video at the beginning of the article.

Projection installation inside the shop

The shop sells original products such as aromas used in the venue.

A lot of popular products such as (much needed) original mask aroma spray, bath salts, hand mirrors, and chocolates!


The cafe space offers another art installation. It’s a network-type digital art project called “DANDELION PROJECT”. Enjoy the art while drinking a smoothie customized based on your personal test!

The network art project “DANDELION PROJECT” connects people in the whole world.
This smoothie based on beets and soy milk was made to match me. It’s delicious!

I was thrilled with my first personalized art experience. I took lots of Instagram-worthy photos while relaxing surrounded by beautiful flowers and nice-smelling scents! Why don’t you, too, experience the world of “NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU”?


Official HP:

Venue: Yurakucho Marui 8F
2-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest stations: Yurakucho Station, Ginza Station