Hotel New Otani Tokyo – Special Hamburger Feature!

Hotel New Otani Tokyo has many first-class restaurants, including French, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. And among them, some restaurants serve hamburgers made with carefully selected high-quality ingredients…and a lot of love! This time, we introduce the luxurious hamburgers of Hotel New Otani Tokyo!

Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Meaty burgers and tropical cocktails at “Trader Vic’s Tokyo”!

Opened in San Francisco in 1937, “Trader Vic’s” is a restaurant chain by the former trader Victor Bergeron. “Trader Vic’s” restaurants can be found in major cities around the world, such as London and Dubai. Enjoy the original rum-based drink “Mai Tai” and the eclectic fusion cuisine” that combines Western and Eastern gastronomy. The restaurant’s trademark is their delicious specialties of smoked meat, fish, and fowl prepared in a traditional wood-fired kiln with a total length of 2m!

In 1974, “Trader Vic’s Tokyo” opened inside Hotel New Otani Tokyo.
When you enter the restaurant, it feels like stepping into a tropical resort! The reason for the restaurant’s exotic atmosphere is their interior decor in Polynesian style – from wall to ceiling!

Most of the decor is from 1974 when the restaurant opened its doors.
Look at the beautiful interior!
Porcupine fish “swimming” under the ceiling.
These are Chinese wood-fired ovens inside the restaurant where their smoked and grilled meat gets its juicy and rich aroma. Among other dishes, the spareribs for their hamburgers are also prepared here.

My friends and I sat at the bar counter and each ordered one of “Trader Vic’s” original cocktails. Each cocktail came in a super cute, unique mug.

The restaurant’s trademark “Original Mai Tai®︎” is a mix of Jamaican rum with lime juice, Middle: “Nautilus” with tequila and cherry brandy base, Right: The strong rum cocktail “Potted Parrot”.

Then, our hamburger arrived at the bar. All burgers we ordered were very voluminous – so satisfying to eat!



A fresh-tasting burger with chili mayonnaise sauce as a nice accent. All the flavors are mixed in a perfect balance. This is the perfect burger and once you have tasted it, you will definitely want to eat it again!

An American burger with a combination of avocado, bacon, and onions. Accented with horseradish remoulade sauce with black pepper.


A hearty patty with plenty of U.S. prime beef and thickly sliced ​​smoky spare ribs baked in their wood-fired kiln. A rich and fragrant hamburger accented with jalapeño and coriander!


You can actually purchase the cute tiki mugs used in the restaurant.

By the way, a curry fair is being held at Trader Vic’s Tokyo! If you love curry as much as I do, you can’t miss it!

Left: Standard menu “Thai Green Curry”, Middle: Limited time “Roasted Spicy Chicken Curry”, Right: Limited time “Hot & Sour Seafood Curry”.

Trader Vic’s Tokyo

“SATSUKI” New Tokyo Burger

You can choose between the “Ozaki Beef Patty”, which uses rare Japanese Ozaki wagyu beef, and the “Soy Meat Patty”, made of vegetable protein extracted from soybeans.

Their signature burger with the Ozaki beef patty.

In addition, the restaurant offers burgers with chicken, fish, shrimp, and fillet cutlets! Which one do you like best?

A taste of fall with the “Shin-Tokyo Tsukimi Burger”.

Shin Tokyo Burger

“Bar Capri” Deluxe burger “Otona no hamubaga”

Luxurious burgers that are the perfect match with the artistic atmosphere

Their “Otona no hamubaga” is a splendid burger combining cheddar cheese and spicy sauce aurore with a patty that uses rare Ozaki beef from Miyazaki Prefecture. You can choose between 2 and 3 patty versions.

Bar Capri
“Otona no hamubaga”

All of the restaurants introduced in this article offer hamburger delivery. Enjoy the taste of a first-class hotel deluxe hamburger at home!

Hotel New Otani Tokyo
4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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