How to make the most out of the “Antenna Shops” at Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan

Continuing from last time, I would like to introduce some more “antenna shops” inside the Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, featuring local specialties from all over Japan right in front of Yurakucho Station. Let’s go on a delicious and fun trip around Japan together!

Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan B1F area
Cooking demonstration of local cuisine at “Ikiiki Toyamakan”

Toyama Prefecture, which faces the Sea of ​​Japan, is known for its fresh seafood and rice. When I visited the Toyama antenna shop, a cooking demonstration of Toyama’s local cuisine masuzushi was being held. Masuzushi is made by laying trout fillets on vinegared sushi-rice and wrapping them in bamboo leaves. The result looks like a super cute sushi cake!

Cake-shaped masuzushi
Cut pieces of oshi-sushi, meaning pressed sushi
A shop with a footbath inside!? “Oita Onsenza”

Oita Prefecture in Kyushu is famous for its hot springs and is often referred to as the “hot spring prefecture”. The number of hot springs and the amount of hot water drawn from those springs are the highest in Japan. Almost all municipalities in Oita have hot springs.
These are some of the reasons why there is a free hot footbath inside the antenna shop “Oita Onsenza”! While dipping your feet in the hot water, you have to try the Oita specialty kabosu (a local citrus fruit) soft-serve ice cream!

The footbath uses real hot spring water from Oita prefecture. There are vinyl socks in the shop, so if you don’t want your feet to get wet, put on the vinyl ones over your socks! Notice: Due to the measures against the spread of Covid-19, the footbath might no be available.
Bathing agent developed by a hot spring research institute in Beppu City
Kabosu juice and Kabosu Shichimi spice
Cute sheet masks
A capsule-toy vending machine with sour plums?! “Wakayama Kishukan”

The standard Japanese bento almost always includes a red and round umeboshi sour plum sitting on top of white rice. At “Wakayama Kishukan”, you can buy various types of these pickled plums. But what surprised me most was the capsule-toy vending machine with umeboshi. The machine had a total of four types of umeboshi and you don’t know which flavor comes out. A fun and great way to try different types of umeboshi!

There are 4 types of umeboshi pickled plums. Which one will you get?
A burdock tempura topping “Hakata Udon Yokayoka”

Who doesn’t get hungry when walking around so many delicious antenna shops offering foods and ingredients from all around Japan? Luckily, some of the antenna shops allow you to eat a proper meal.

Why don’t you try a specialty of Hakata in Kyushu? Their udon noodles are very soft, unlike the usual udon noodles, you find in Shikoku. The menu has a variety of toppings, but I would personally recommend the burdock tempura. It had a crispy texture and was really delicious!

Udon noodles topped with burdock tempura.
Various spices are available. Try different flavors and spice up your udon!

Inside Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, there are many other antenna shops other than the ones mentioned above.

Antenna shop of the Hyogo Prefecture. They had gyoza dumplings using the famous Kobe beef!
I bought delicious milk at a shop and cafe with only products from the Biei area in ​​Hokkaido, a famous area for dairy products!

At Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, you can find delicious and cute products that are great for taking home and trying there, but also fantastic gifts. It’s a very accessible place and it almost feels like you are traveling around Japan!

Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan
2-10-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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