Cycling Adventure: Exploring Tokyo’s Imperial Palace with E-Bike Sharing!

The subway is undoubtedly convenient for sightseeing in Tokyo, but if you’re seeking a leisurely way to soak in the city’s scenic delights, hopping on a shared bicycle is an absolute must! Join me, Marei, the adventurous Editor-in-Chief, as I peddle my way around the majestic Imperial Palace.

In Tokyo, there are various bike-sharing services, but the crowd-favorite is “Docomo Bike Share.” With over 900 cycle ports scattered throughout the city, you can start your adventure from any port and return the bike wherever you please. What’s more, these electric bikes effortlessly conquer Tokyo’s slopes, making your journey a breeze!

docomo bike share official app

By installing the official app and pre-registering your credit card, you’re ready to roll in no time. Don’t worry if you haven’t downloaded the app; you can grab a 1-day pass at a nearby convenience store. (Although the app is really practical!)

Check the app’s map for nearby cycle ports, bike availability, and charging status.
Unlocking is as simple as entering the passcode displayed in the app.

How and where do you cycle in Tokyo?

Left: A side road of the roadway; Right: Look out for this sign, indicating bicycles can ride on sidewalks too.

While primarily riding on the side road alongside traffic, you can also cruise along sidewalks marked with specific signs. Remember to respect pedestrians by maintaining a speed that allows you to halt promptly.
Oh, and don’t forget to wear a helmet! It’s now mandatory, so bring your own if you have one at home.

Imperial Palace, Here We Come!

To experience the best of the Imperial Palace, we’ll follow a counterclockwise route—just like the Imperial Palace Run. The scenic beauty is simply breathtaking! For an extra treat, I’ve chosen a course (marked with a red arrow) that includes Kitanomaru Park and Chidori-ga-fuchi, renowned for its enchanting cherry blossoms.

I rented my bike near Kudanshita Station at a cycle port conveniently located near the Chiyoda City Tourist Information, where you can grab handy tourist pamphlets and maps.

Visit the Chiyoda City Tourist Information for pamphlets and maps.

During the Imperial Palace Cycling Tour, several highlights await, such as the Chidori-ga-fuchi Green Way, a picturesque view of the Imperial Palace moat from Miyakezaka Hill, towering skyscrapers, Sakurada-mon Gate, and the iconic Nijubashi Bridge.

The lush greenery of Chidori-ga-fuchi is simply breathtaking! Also famous for cherry blossoms.
On the left, you’ll spot Hanzo-mon Gate, while the building on the right is the National Diet Building with its pointed roof.
The view from Miyakezaka Hill offers a striking contrast between the moat and the vibrant cityscape, showcasing Tokyo’s rich history.

Feel free to pass through Sakurada-mon Gate on your trusty bike.
“Sakurada-mon Gate,” a formidable castle gate built to protect Edo Castle, formerly located here.
Some areas are only accessible on foot, so park your bike and take a stroll.
The main gate boasts two bridges, with the one in the back known as the “double bridge” or Nijubashi.
The red brick station building of Tokyo Station seen in the distance

Hirakawa-mon Gate in the foreground, MOMAT in the back

There are many places where you can see the streets of Edo from 400 years ago and modern Tokyo at the same time. Thanks to the e-bike, I didn’t get tired at all! Tokyo has many cycle ports, so we recommend stopping by on the way and easily returning your bike.

I took a detour to a cafe!

Hibiya Park is a recommended detour when cycling through the Imperial Palace. With several fountains and beautiful seasonal flowers, it is truly an oasis in the city.

Roses were blooming!
Namery Roasted Hibiya Park store

A nice cafe in the park is the perfect place for a cycling break!

I had curry and pudding. Delicious!

Please enjoy cycling in Tokyo while feeling the pleasant breeze!

docomo bike share Official website: (English) (Japanese)

Sakurada-mon Gate
Google Maps:

Nijubashi Bridge
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Curry Labo Tokyo Hibiya Park / Namery Roasted Hibiya Park
1-2 Hibiya Park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:

Chiyoda City Tourist Information
1-6-17, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo