Akihabara for beginners! We participated in the “Akiba First Experience Tour”!

The old “Akihabara” or “Akiba” flourished as an electric town, but now it has undergone a major transformation and has turned into a conglomerate of electronics, anime and game culture. Akihabara appears in every guidebook as a recommended spot to visit in Tokyo.
But once you are there, you might get overwhelmed. Where should you start? Where should you go? For all “Akihabara beginners” we recommend the “Akiba First Experience Tour” conducted by “Akihabara Deep Travel”.

A tour by “Akiba Deep Travel”

A professional guide will kindly guide you in English (and other languages with an interpreter), and if you request a spot you want to go in advance, the guide will make sure to find the best spots just for you!

Electric bits and pieces
My friends and I also participated in this tour. My top 3 recommended spots to visit are:

・a real maid cafe where you can try out being greeted as a “master”
・ game and software shops where you can experience old arcade games
・ figure shop with super rare and limited items

Along the way, the guide told us about Akihabara’s history and showed us some places where you still feel the vibes of “old Akiba”. All in all, it was a very deep tour and we had a lot of fun! I will for sure come again and stroll around some of the areas I was shown during the tour.

Canned Oden at one of the crazy vending machines

If you are interested in the full Akihabara experience, the “Akiba First Experience Tour” is a great choice you might consider booking!

Akihabara Electric Town

Akiba First Experience Tour

(2-hour guided tour)

Akiba Deep Travel