Japanese Soul Food “Curry Udon” – Double the Deliciousness in One Dish

Do you know about “curry udon,” a delightful combination of udon noodles and a thick curry soup? This unique Japanese noodle dish originated from the fusion of curry and Japanese culinary culture. In the Kanda area of Tokyo, known for its numerous curry shops, there are two popular restaurants where you can savor delicious “curry udon.” Allow me, Marei, the editor-in-chief and Kanda Curry Meister, to introduce these two recommended establishments.

Kagawa Ippuku Kanda Main Store

“Kagawa Ippuku” is an extremely popular udon restaurant that has received the prestigious Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand award (given to restaurants with high cost performance) for three consecutive years. Its main store is situated in Kanda. The restaurant offers a spacious setting where you can enjoy slurping udon alongside businesspeople and locals.

The ticket vending machine menu is in Japanese, so we recommend using your smartphone’s translation function or checking the website in advance. By the way, “カレー” means “curry.” [Link to the menu: https://kagawa-ippuku.jp/menu/]
“Kagawa Ippuku” places great emphasis on making noodles in-house, with their motto being to consistently provide freshly made and perfectly boiled noodles.

Curry udon with an “(hot spring) onsen egg” and “rice”

The “curry udon” at Kagawa Ippuku is supervised by a Michelin-starred French restaurant and uses premium Japanese beef and fond de veau made from 10 kinds of vegetables. The most surprising element is the addition of butter as a topping. Thanks to the butter, the curry’s flavor is intensified, and the thin noodles with a balanced spiciness and elasticity taste incredibly delicious.

Enhance the flavor of curry udon with dashi stock!

Add as much dashi as you like

After consuming a certain portion of curry udon, add the accompanying dashi soup according to your preference. The simmering curry transforms into a more soupy consistency with a deeper taste. It’s absolutely delightful!

And when you finish eating the noodles, add “white rice.” This converts curry udon into curry rice, resulting in a doubly delicious experience!

Kagawa Ippuku Kanda Main Store Website: https://kagawa-ippuku.jp
Address: Tokyo Royal Plaza 102, 1-18-11 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/JqWAtLu1pE9HSkrG9

Mensho Kamayoshi

“Mensho Kamayoshi” offers special menus such as “Today’s Udon,” “This Month’s Kamayoshi,” and “Special Udon.” It is an udon restaurant that has garnered many fans.

The menu features pictures and explanations in English, making it user-friendly for non-Japanese speakers.

Free up to 500g of noodles!

Customers choose the desired amount of noodles using the ticket vending machine at the entrance and then proceed to select their menu. The price remains the same regardless of whether you choose 200g or 500g of noodles, making it a great service for those with bigger appetites. There are several options for curry udon, including warm “curry udon,” cold “curry tsukemen,(dipping noodles)” and “curry rice udon” where rice is served underneath the udon noodles.

(left) curry udon with hot spring egg, (right) curry tsukemen

The curry udon at “Mensho Kamayoshi” is known for its thick curry soup made with rich dashi stock and the firm texture of its noodles. The curry itself is not spicy, allowing even those who don’t enjoy spicy food to order it without any concerns. If you prefer spicier curry, you can season it with four different spices available on the table.

4 spices, tempura flakes, cheese powder

At Mensho Kamayoshi, you can also order extra rice, allowing you to enjoy curry rice as a secondary dish! Customize it with your favorite toppings and savor the delightful “Curry Udon” that you can enjoy multiple times in one sitting!

Mensho Kamayoshi: https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1310/A131002/13201863/
Takanashi Building 1F, 2-14-15 Kanda Tsukasacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/VpPSph3XhfLKa6yz5