KAWAII♥️ Shopping in Akihabara, Tokyo’s Subculture Town!

Akihabara is home to numerous Japanese “kawaii” (= cute) products. In this feature, I, Marei (editor-in-chief), will introduce some of our recommended Akihabara “kawaii” stores, including unique leather goods, the latest anime figures as well as retro monster movie figures, cosplay goods, and more!

“EARL’S FAVORITE” – Unbelievably Cute Fruits Leather Goods

EARL’S FAVORITE, which sells incredibly kawaii leather goods, opened a physical store in Akihabara five years ago. The “fruit series” of leather goods, often featured on TV and social media, are so astonishingly lifelike that they resemble the real thing!

The most popular is the strawberry series.

EARL’S FAVORITE places special emphasis on the development of leather as a material. They used molds from real fruits for the leather embossing process, which is employed in the highly popular “Melon Leather” and “Strawberry Leather” series! This is why the grains of the strawberry pattern and the intricate net pattern of muskmelon pattern appear so realistic.

The delicate embossing on the surface is incredibly lifelike! In addition to the red strawberry one, there is a white (light pink – which is a real thing in Japan!) and cool black version, too.
The melon series includes “red flesh melon” and “green flesh melon,” each with different colored leather on the inside of the wallet or business card case.
When you touch the peach leather goods, you can feel a fluffy texture. The fine hairs of peaches are accurately recreated to make it fell like touching a peach!
Look at this series! The “Cathedral Bag” features a medieval Gothic architecture motif, developed by the owner who is a big fan of Europe.

I fell in love at first sight with the “Strawberry Gamaguchi Shoulder Bag (made of cowhide leather). The chain strap has green leather woven into it, making the bag look very “strawberry-ish”! There’s also a slightly smaller mini size, and both bags can be transformed by removing the green ribbon and using a spare red button that comes with the bag. Too cute!

Strawberry Gamaguchi Shoulder Bag

I strongly recommend “EARL’S FAVORITE” leather goods for people of all ages and genders, especially if you are looking for a high-quality souvenir. If you wear these “unique and cute leather goods” that you’ve never seen before, they’ll be so adorable that all eyes will be on you when you stroll around town!

When I bought a small “strawberry clasp bag,” they placed it in this super small and super kawaii store bag!
EARL’S FAVORITE Akihabara Main Store

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/earlsfavourite
Showa Building 1F, 1-2-5 Kanda Izumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/CpRwPB5PYjPWpSRR6

The cutting-edge figurine technology is impressive! TAMASHII NATIONS STORE TOKYO


TAMASHII NATIONS was established in 2008 as a unified brand of character figures for adults by Bandai Spirits. The stylish store interior includes an event space. The store itself is divided into two sections: the “EVENT ZONE” and the shopping area, “SHOP ZONE.”

“S.H.Figuarts” are look super realistic!

The “SHOP ZONE” offers a variety of products, including the “S.H.Figuarts” series with articulated joints, “Figuarts mini” figures capturing the charm of characters in a condensed, deformed “kawaii” form, and classic “CHOGOKIN” robots. Be sure to visit and discover a character from your favorite movie or anime!

The adorableness of Figuarts mini figures from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” “Sailor Moon,” “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” and more!

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1-1 Kanda-Hanaokacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/WVnxrdHaryJjMoLf6

Let’s go see “ugly-cute” monsters! Mandarake CoCoo

Mandarake CoCoo

Have you ever heard of “sofvi”? “Sofvi” is the abbreviation for “soft vinyl” (also knows as PVC). From the 1960s to the 1990s, soft vinyl figures of monsters and other characters from Japanese special effects movies and television shows, called tokusatsu, were a part of everyday Japanese culture and could be found in every Japanese home. The monsters created by artisans are “busa kawaii,” or “ugly-cute,” and have a mysterious charm that makes them difficult to dislike. Limited edition soft vinyl figures newly created by artists are also available!

So many ugly but cute monsters!

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13-1, 14-4, 15-1, 18-1 Kanda Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/45sJErsDdLnqtFEF9

Welcome! COSPATIO, the Mecca for Cosplayers

COSPATIO, known for selling high-quality cosplay costumes and anime-related products, is situated within the GEE!STORE Akiba on the fourth floor of the electronics retail store, Onoden. It offers a wide range of products, including character costumes, wigs, and supportive items for anime, games, and manga. It is truly a “mecca of kawaii culture.”

Why not transform yourself with a cute cosplay costume?

At COSPATIO, you can also request the production of custom cosplay costumes. If you need a unique costume, such as one for a minor character, a costume with elaborate decorations, or a costume to be the star of an event, they can custom-make it for you!

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Onoden Main Store 4F Gee Store Akiba, 1-2-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/m7BMx2whyDi3QSgWA