3331 Arts Chiyoda: A former school as an intersection for people and art

“3331 Arts Chiyoda” is a former middle school turned into an artsy facility for anyone to enjoy. It’s a place where tourists and locals come together and get to interact through art. It’s a place you should visit at least once. So let’s get back to school and see what can you do at “3331 Arts Chiyoda”!

An open space facing a green park

When you enter the building, you will find a bright open space. The entrance area, originally the school’s staff room, is now a free space that anyone can use. Office employees enjoy their lunch boxes while a group of old ladies is chatting and laughing at another table.

The large blackboard is a reminder of the former school days.

Upon taking a closer look, you will discover many school items that have been redesigned or repurposed to fit a new purpose. Large blackboards, desks and chairs, shoe racks as brochure holders, and washbasins on each floor … If you have never had the chance to visit a Japanese school, you can get a glimpse of the vibe of a typical school building in Japan.

An old shoe locker with pamphlets promoting art events all over Japan
The witty interior design is very stylish! (on the right: Hiroshi Fuji “Toysaurus”)
The rooftop used to be a playground for children. Now it’s a shared gardening space for locals. (This area is not open to the public)

Art events and special exhibitions

“3331 Arts Chiyoda” curates special art exhibitions several times a year, displaying the works of popular. Additionally, some events and exhibitions are held by foreign artists – who are staying in the nearby Artist in Residence in Iwamotocho –, creating a borderless intersection for art and people from all over the world.

These art pieces were displayed at a collaborative art exhibition of two young Japanese artists in 2019.
Junya Kataoka and Rie Iwatake met in Paris and were inspired by each other’s work. While introducing parts of each other’s works into their own art pieces, they keep on creating more and more art.

Don’t miss the shops and cafes!

If you want to buy art souvenirs, be sure to stop by “3331 CUBE shop & gallery”. The shop offers a variety of items created by Japanese and foreign artists.

Original bags, design T-shirts, stationery, and accessories. You might want everything…!

At “COPAINS de 3331”, you have to try koppepan which is comparable to a hot dog bun or roll. Koppepan is a fluffy bread that students have for lunch at school. They have been part of Japanese school meals for over 100 years. At school, you would usually eat them with margarine or chocolate paste. However, “COPAINS de 3331” offers numerous fun varieties of the famous koppepan.

Koppepan buns are sold until 4 pm
Popular menus are Chicken Nanban and Rum Raisin. Don’t miss the fruity Cold Brew Coffee!

“3331 Arts Chiyoda” is an innovative art center with a retro atmosphere. You won’t find a place like this anywhere else, so be sure to stop by!

3331 Arts Chiyoda

6-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/ZAFVRHTQeYzWgrx7A
Nearest station: Suehirocho Station, Yushima Station, Ueno Okachimachi Station, Okachimachi Station, Akihabara Station