Three delicious bakeries in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward

Tokyo has many high-quality and delicious bakeries that sometimes even get featured in articles, bakery guidebooks, or magazines. But more often than not, the really good bakeries can be hard to find. So here are three of our favorite bakeries located on the west side of the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo. Some have an eat-in space – great for a quick snack – but, of course, everything is available for takeout and enjoying at home.

FACTORY: Homemade bread that even gets delivered to hotels

Opened in 2009, FACTORY is very popular for its delicious bread made from natural yeast and fermented dough baguettes. No wonder that there is an endless coming and going of customers.
The bakery is also commissioned to bake bread for various restaurants, hotels, and cafes throughout Tokyo.

The in-store kitchen makes natural yeast from seasonal fruits and raisins and bakes more than 20 types of bread every day. Besides baguettes, their bagels and cinnamon rolls are also very popular.

These chocolate bagels look gorgeous!
This is the small eat-in space. The cozy atmosphere of the wooden tables and chairs is so relaxing!

Besides bread and buns, FACTORY offers coffee and tea – the perfect match for their baked goods –, as well as lunch plates and dinners, to be enjoyed at their eat-in space. It’s the perfect bakery cafe for a casual lunch or a short break!

I had to order this big cookie!

3-7-10 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest stations: Ichigaya Station, Kudanshita Station, Hanzomon Station

Chez Kazama: A long-established bakery loved by locals

The bakery Chez Kazama opened in 1992. Its motto is to “create a place loved by locals over many generations while building a new community”.

Look at the cute shop window decoration. It’s bread in the shape of cows since the 2021 Chinese zodiac is “ox”. How cute!

The owner, who has 60 years of experience as a pâtissier, offers his customers a wide variety of bread. From large bread loaves, toast, baguettes, and German rye bread to small bread such as curry bread, cream donuts, and croissants – they have it ALL!

Irresistible! When delicious-looking bread is lined up like this, it can be hard to choose.
I chose sweet buns called “Poire”, pear pastry with chocolate chips, and “Marble”.

What makes Chez Kazama special is their unique surprise bread called “Special Sandwich” (“pan do riore”). At first glance, the “Special Sandwich” looks like an ordinary big bread loaf. However, the bread actually has a lid, and when you open it, you will find a lot of colorful sandwiches inside, all cut into bite-sized pieces.

“Special Sandwich” examples from their catalog

Of course, not only the sandwiches inside but also the big bread around is edible. Isn’t this “bread cake” a great idea for a birthday surprise for those who prefer savory over sweet treats?

Boulangerie Chez Kazama
10-10 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Nearest stations: Hanzomon Station, Kojimachi Station, Yotsuya Station

TiMi: Excellent Western confectionery that is perfect for gifts

The store name TiMi is the Irish word for “time”. The owner chose the name because TiMi’s sweets are the perfect treat when you take some time for yourself and just relax.

The cookies and small cakes are beautifully wrapped. Perfect as a small gift for a friend.
I chose “Apple Custard” with apple dices on top, and a tiny version of a “Far Breton” (a traditional cake or dessert from the Brittany region in France) which tastes like a crepe. Both tasted great!

Hidden in the basement of the building is an eat-in space where you can sit comfortably and enjoy your cake or a quick lunch.

The dining space downstairs looks like a secret base.
How about a cake set? When you choose to eat inside the cafe you can add a drink to one of the cakes in the showcase.
Baked apple “Rombosse tart” with a small whole apple (!) and coffee-flavored “Baked tiramisu”. Eating tiramisu in the form of a cake was a first for me. A great new and delicious encounter!

15-20 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest station: Hanzomon Station, Kojimachi Station