“SEEKBASE” under the railway viaduct in Akihabara is a paradise for hobbyists! (Part 2)

Continuing from last time, in this article, we will introduce the charm of Akihabara’s culture and shopping facility SEEKBASE. SEEKBASE holds many exciting shops with interesting products that range from vintage camera lenses to original watches and exceptional headphones!

2nd BASE

This camera shop deals with old lenses and film cameras. Their concept is being “a secret base for free-minded camera lovers”. All shop assistants love cameras and lenses. They will help you to find the perfect match, even if you are a vintage lens beginner.

Do you only own a digital camera? No problem! Using an adapter makes it possible to attach vintage film camera lenses to a digital camera. So don’t forget to bring your camera, since you are allowed to try out every lens in the store.

If you are a film camera enthusiast, their film development service (with digital data) could be interesting for you, too!

This photo was taken with a vintage lens attached to our digital camera. The nostalgic atmosphere and the subtle blur are wonderful!
Instant and toy cameras have been becoming more and more popular lately. If you want one or if you need new films, this shop has it all.
A sample photo taken with the vintage lens is placed next to each lens.

Japanese watchmaker KENTEX has opened a new concept shop selling exclusive sports watches for bike riders, watches developed in cooperation with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, SDF goods, and other items that can only be purchased here.

Lots of patches! If you are a military enthusiast, you have to check them out.
On the right: A watch designed to match an SDF airplane.
final STORE

“final”, marked by the samurai armor at the entrance of the store, is a Japanese earphone and headphone brand. Focused on achieving the best sound quality, the headphones have a unique shape to provide amazing sound. The motto is close to a Bauhaus mindset: “design follows function”. These repairable “Made in Japan” headphones are a recommendation for any music lover.

final STORE

The store’s No. 1 is the “MAKE series”. Create your own sound by simply changing the filters to adjust the sound character!

If you are hungry after exploring SEEKBASE, head to this distillery! At the dining bar, which is the first to distill craft spirits in Tokyo, you can enjoy not only Hitachino Nest Beer but also craft spirits and liqueurs. We also recommend trying out one of the many dishes that go well with the drinks!

How did you like SEEKBASE? When you come to Tokyo, please stop by and experience the exciting world underneath railway viaducts!

13-1, 14-4, 15-1, 18-1 Kanda Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/45sJErsDdLnqtFEF9
Nearest stations: Akihabara Station, Suehirocho Station