HOTEL NIWA TOKYO: Enjoy a healthy luxury lunch and dessert with a green view!

As the name suggests, HOTEL NIWA TOKYO is a beautiful hotel with a garden (niwa in Japanese). I visited the hotel’s restaurant for a healthy lunch while enjoying the view of their green yard. And let me tell you: I had a relaxing and delightful time!

Hotel Niwa Tokyo

HOTEL NIWA TOKYO is about 3 minutes from the East Exit of JR Suidobashi Station. With a lot of lush greenery in front of the hotel, the hotel has a very relaxed and calm vibe.

Due to the seismic base isolation, there is some extra room around the building. This space was used to build a refreshing stream!
The concept of HOTEL NIWA TOKYO is “beautiful modern Japanese”. Seasonal goods are sold in the lobby. These are beautiful Edo wind chimes with a charming sound.
A small jungle
The stones in the garden were part of the base of a bridge and of a shrine’s torii gate.

The garden of HOTEL NIWA TOKYO has naturally shaped rocks and gently flowing streams mixed with human-made tubular and square stones which created an interesting contrast.

Look at how lush and green the garden looks in August!
Birds visiting the garden for a bath.
Two restaurants with a garden view

The hotel has two restaurants on both sides of the garden facing each other: authentic Japanese kaiseki cuisine “YUKURI” and casual French “LIEU”. As for me, I had the healthy lunch set at “LIEU”. The set consists of a main dish – you may choose one out of three options –, a fresh, colorful salad, soup with bread, and a coffee or tea.

Red sea bream and colorful seasonal vegetables. The way the meals are prepared and carefully arranged is just beautiful and very typical for Japan!

When pre-ordering and making your reservation online, you can actually order a limited lunch dessert. This season’s limited dessert is “peach parfait”! the parfait was surprisingly big and tasted just wonderful! If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss this sweet treat!

Big peach slices, yogurt mousse, lychee, and raspberry as an accent.

Thanks to the green garden and the healthy lunch, I had a splendid time. What a surprise to find this charming oasis in a hotel in Tokyo!

What else?

In addition to the lunch menu, HOTEL NIWA TOKYO offers other meal sets, too.

* To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the hotel currently changed its breakfast from a buffet-style to a breakfast set menu (with free refills and second helpings!).
Don’t forget to check out their very affordable Happy Hour Set – between 17:00 and 19:00!

One drink with 4 kinds of appetizers for ¥1,000 and more drinks and appetizers for ¥500 each!

1-1-16 Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Nearest Stations: Suidobashi Station, Jimbocho Station