Shopping in Tokyo: Where to find the most unique items

One of the most fun parts of traveling a foreign country is shopping and checking out the products that might be completely different than those in your country. Fashion, lifestyle items, hobby supplies, things only available in Japan. Shopping in Tokyo is a lot of fun! The variety of goods is amazing…be careful not to break the bank!

Tokyo’s prettiest luxury shopping street “Marunouchi-Naka-Dori”

“Marunouchi-Naka-Dori” near Tokyo Station is – in addition to Ginza – one of Tokyo’s most luxurious shopping streets.
Especially in winter when the golden illuminations decorate the trees along the avenue it’s fun to stroll around.

Since the summer of 2015, “Marunouchi-Naka-Dori” has become a pedestrian heaven, so no cars during daytime! As a result, the noise of cars and the city has decreased quite a bit, and the number of street cafes has increased. Not only famous international brands but also many Japanese high-brand stores gather here. You’ll find exquisite fashion and lifestyle items that can only be purchased here.

A bookworms’ heaven: bookstore town “Jimbocho”

With about 200 bookstores Jimbocho area is the largest book town in Tokyo. Most of the bookstores focus on old books. They also sell authentic old maps and woodblock prints – called “nishiki-e” or “hanga”. You also find a lot of old magazines, movie posters and movie scripts, which also look nice when used as interior decoration items.

Some of the bookstores have specialized in Japanese manga, art books, or even architecture related books.

In the backstreets, you find cozy retro cafes where you can relax and read the books you purchased.

Ogawamachi, a district specializing in sporting goods

“Ogawamachi” is all about sports. There are about 100 shops!

If you plan to go on a skiing trip to Japan, don’t forget to stop by. You will find everything you need here.

Of course, there are many other shops, too, dealing products other than winter sporting goods.
For example, if you enjoy running, you can get perfectly fitted shoes. Staff will measure the size of your feet and give you advice about the best option for your feet. Some shops even offer customized shoes meaning you can choose your favorite color and design!

Chiyoda ward in the center of Tokyo is a great place to go on a shopping spree. Whether you want to buy a gift for yourself or a gift for your family and friends, in this area, you’ll find what you’re looking for!