My Road to becoming “Tokyo Kanda Curry Meister”: What is “European Curry”?

The Kanda area in Tokyo is well-known for its curry culture. At the moment, I am intending to become a “Kanda Curry Meister”, which is the title you get when you complete a “stamp rally” (read more).
Today, I would like to introduce the “European Curry” genre and three restaurants where you can try this fantastic curry!

This booklet contains all curry restaurants that participate in the “Curry Grand Prix” event

“European curry” sounds like something from Europe, but it was actually invented in Japan. European-style curry is hard to describe. The curry features spices with a mellow taste at the same time due to cheese and other dairy products that are added to the curry.

Long-established European-style curry restaurant “Bondy”

The entrance of “Bondy” isn’t easy to find…it’s inside of a book store

When you order curry at “Bondy”, you automatically two boiled potatoes with butter. Curry sauce and rice are separated. The curry sauce comes in a bowl so that you can decide on how much sauce you want to put on the rice at a time. Also, the rice has cheese as a topping that gradually melts and mixes with spicy curry to make it “mellow”.

Potatoes with butter

Bondy’s curry is very popular and often people stand in line to get in, so I would recommend that you visit the restaurant a little earlier than lunch or dinner hours.

The English menu is convenient for non-Japanese speakers. By the way, beef curry is the most popular dish!
Don’t forget to order a pudding for dessert!
European Curry Bondy Jimbocho Main Store
Kanda Kosho Center Building 2F, 2-3 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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“Gyu-sha” with excellent hamburgers


“Gyu-sha” (meaning “cattle barn”) is a restaurant specializing in hamburgers. The Curry sauce with beef streaks and vegetables has a rich body – and it’s awesome! The chef told me that he would recommend his burgers “medium”, but you can order them any way you like. If you like meat, “Gyu-sha” is a must!

Various toppings are also available.

Gyu-sha – Hamburger Restaurant
6-5-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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A restaurant with a “Madam” who is like the sun

“Soleil” is famous for its beef curry and dry curry. The beef curry is made from Japanese beef and is very soft and delicious! Don’t forget to add fried onions as a topping. Also, when you order dry curry, you can enjoy two kinds of curry: so-called “dry curry” made with minced meat, vegetables and fruits as well as the standard spicy curry sauce. Two birds with one stone! The cheerful “Madam” (waitress) – the heart of the restaurant – welcomes all customers with a big smile.

The dry curry looks like a volcano.
Collecting stamps for the stamp rally
European Curry Soleil
Gunsho Nibancho Building 1F, 11-20 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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My “Road to Kanda Curry Meister” continues! I will keep introducing you to delicious curry restaurants in Tokyo and Kanda! So stay tuned!