Try different types of ramen in one place: Visiting the “ramen battle zone” at KITTE Marunouchi

There are countless variations of Japanese ramen. Noodle thickness, soup type, spiciness, and toppings can greatly vary depending on the region. If you love ramen and want to taste different types or if you want to try famous ramen restaurants, you have to visit “Ramen Gakisenku Tokyo Marunouchi”, meaning “ramen battle zone”, inside KITTE Marunouchi next to Tokyo Station!

Ramen Gakisenku Tokyo Marunouchi

The “ramen battle zone”, a true ramen hotspot consisting of five ramen shops, is located on the first basement floor of the commercial facility KITTE Marunouchi. If you’re worried about getting wet on rainy days, you can also access the area using one of the underground exits of Tokyo Station.

During the busy hours like lunchtime, people line up in front of the five ramen shops.

All types of ramen you can eat here are completely different. For soy sauce-based ramen go to “ChukaSoba Fukumi”, for noodles with dipping sauce (tsukemen) visit “Matsudo Tomitamenban”, for miso ramen “Tokyo Style Miso Ramen Do・miso”, for spicy ramen “Bamboo Noodles – Shisen Tantammen Aun”, and for the popular pork bone ramen head to “HAKATA YATAI RAMEN IKKOUSHA”.

Chinese Noodles – ChukaSoba Fukumi
“ChukaSoba Fukumi”

The first place I visited was “ChukaSoba Fukumi”, which is famous for its soy-based ramen is popular. Before you sit down, choose the ramen you want to eat or an additional menu and buy a ticket at the vending machine. The food ticket machine is multilingual – a big plus!

Payment can be made by cash or transportation IC cards, such as Suica / PASMO.

I ordered soy sauce soup ramen with wanton. The soy sauce-based soup tasted much lighter than I had expected. It matched the medium-thick noodles perfectly. Later I found out that this restaurant makes its ramen broth out of chicken. No wonder the soup is this light. I would bet that many customers drink up their soup to the last drop!

Soy sauce-based ramen with wanton and green onions

Also, the freshly chopped green onions and the jigging wonton add a fresh accent. What a pleasantly satisfying bowl of hot noodle soup!

I was allowed to take a look into the kitchen!
The steps for a perfect noodle soup

Hakata ramen from Kyushu is famous for the rich “pork bone” broth. This type of soup is completely different from salt-based or soy sauce-based ramen.

“HAKATA YATAI RAMEN IKKOUSHA” is a famous ramen chain born in Hakata/Kyushu that has stores all over the world!

When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you see is lanterns. A special seating inside the restaurant with colorful lanterns is an hommage to the popular ramen area in Hakata where small ramen stalls are lined up outside. How cute!

Enjoy your ramen under the light of lanterns

I decided to go with “Ajitama Tonkotsu Ramen”, which is pork-based ramen with a flavored boiled egg. The combination of the super creamy, rich soup and the thin noodles is the taste of Hakata.

The vending machine inside the ramen restaurant.

Can you see how perfect this egg is? WOW!!!

However, I realized that the noodles at this restaurant were a little thicker and chewier than the ordinary, slightly powdery Hakata noodles. Delicious!

When you don’t eat all of the soup at once, you can order a kaedama, meaning second helping or “noodle replacement”, for a very reasonable price. so when you feel really hungry, this is the place to go!

The button on the upper right is for a second helping of noodles. It’s just 150 Yen!

Once you visit KITTE Marunouchi’s ramen battle zone “Ramen Gekisenku Tokyo Marunouchi”, you can see for yourself how diverse and manifold Japanese ramen culture actually is. Having so many types of ramen in one place is really something special. After stepping onto this tasty battleground you can’t help yourself but become a ramen lover!

You’ll know for sure you’re a true ramen lover when you get hungry by just seeing this!

KITTE Marunouchi Ramen Gekisenku Tokyo Marunouchi

(Ramen Restaurant Area)
B1 floor, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps:
Business hours: 11: 00-L.O. 22:00 (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 11: 00-L.O. 21:00)
Nearest station: Tokyo Station, Otemachi Station, Nijubashi-Mae Station, Yurakucho Station