Experience Japan’s bathing culture: Tokyo’s brand-new souvenir “KUROMATSU BATH”

Everywhere you travel in Japan, you will find famous hot springs and public baths in the cities. Japanese people love bathing so much that most people relax every day in their bathtub at home. This need for warmth and for cleaning body and soul is a very important part of the Japanese culture.
In today’s article, we would like to introduce “KUROMATSU BATH”, a brand new souvenir from Tokyo that allows you to experience Japanese bath culture at home.


This October, Chiyoda City Tourism Association released a bath salt set as a new type of souvenir from Tokyo. But it’s not just your usual bath salt! This bath salt contains extract of Kuromatsu (black pines) from the Imperial Palace Outer Gardens! I HAD to try that for myself.

Good news for troubled skin: Five kinds of natural essential oils are used for this bathing agent.

But my first impression was that the package is really gorgeous! The set of three comes in a beautiful envelope that resembles the decorated envelopes that are used for celebrations in Japan. In particular, the rubber band with the pine-shaped ribbon decoration is very cute. I will definitely keep it.

Look at this cute decoration!
The green powder smells like a forest.

To really test the bath salt, I had to take a bath! When the green powder dissolved in hot water, it turned into a white creamy color. I got into the bathtub and it was very comfortable! After 10 minuets of relaxing in 42 degrees hot water, your body will start to warm up and you will realize that your skin is feeling smoother.

I am also sure that this bath salt is a great gift for friends and family who have a bathtub at home. Also, you might like to buy a set for yourself as a “souvenir” that helps you relive and to remember your Japan trip while having a relaxing time at home.
As you know, the cold winter is approaching. Soak in a hot bath with a nice smell and warm up! Enjoy Kuromatsu Bath and a relaxing time!


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Price 990 Yen (tax included)

Message card included
Website: http://otogino.xb.shopserve.jp/SHOP/kuromatsubath.html